Borregard AS is a large international bio refinery company that uses sustainable raw materials to produce biochemical and biomaterials to replace oil based products. It is one of the most advanced bio refinery in the world. The main office is located in Sarpsborg, Norway. In 2018 they took actions to reduce their CO2 emissions by moving transportation from road to sea. They established a 19 000m2 stock building by the outlet of Nordic’s longest river, Glomma. It was a “joint venture” between the land and project owner Borg Havn Eiendom AS and the tenant Borregard AS. Metacon was the main contractor and Kynningsrud Fundamentering AS was the piling contractor. The investment frame was 17 million Euros.

Kynningsrud Fundamentering AS was the piling contractor.

Kynningsrud Fundamentering AS has used SSAB’s RR piles before but not in this scale. Over 35 km of RRs170/10 where delivered to Fredrikstad. 1 500 ton of steel arrived with 61 trucks from June to August in 2018 giving in average 1 truck per work day. The contract included 1 450 pile installation with average length on 25 m. Thanks to SSAB’s pile elements’ splicing system material waste was minimized. “The thing that impressed me the most is the pile waste from this project that was nearly close to nothing”, says Dan Glamer, Site manager, Kynningsrud Fundamentering AS.

SSAB’s splices used with RR micropiles.

SSAB’s high strength pile RRs170/10 was chosen to minimize the displacement of the surroundings, avoid negative skin friction and accelerate the installation speed. By selecting RRs steel piles the use of bitumen cover required for concrete piles was avoided. Overall the RRs piles were a very cost efficient option for this project.

Kynningsrud Fundamentering AS had one rig in operation to install all of the 1450 piling points.

Soil conditions in the area are composed by very soft clay with internal sand intervals. Active impact driving was used to get through the rock filling at top but the rig could just push the RRs piles through the clay and sand down to competent granitic bed rock. This gave an impressive installation speed that kept the tight time schedule of the project.