SSAB i sociala medier

SSAB finns på flera olika sociala medier. Vårt mål är att berätta om olika ämnen och om vardagen på SSAB, för att visa utvecklingen inom vår industri och dela intressant innehåll via dessa kanaler. Vi publicerar huvudsakligen på engelska, men berättar även om vissa evenemang och nyheter på andra språk.

SSAB’s community guidelines

SSAB and our brands are on social networks to serve our clientele, engage in discussion and communicate information and news about the company and brands. It is important for us to hear the voices of the community, so we invite you to join the conversation with us.

While we appreciate and encourage open discussion, we do believe in keeping it civil. Here are some rules for our online social network communities:

  • Please do not share any private or personal information on our pages.
  • Do not share any illegal or distasteful material.
  • Respect other members of our community and remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Keep discussion and criticism constructive.
  • Profanities or racist/discriminating comments or messages will not be tolerated.
  • We reserve the right to hide or remove content from our network pages or posts that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Learn more about the channels

   LinkedIn is a channel where we are able to take part in industry discussions and share information that can be of interest for customers and metal industry professionals. It is also a channel aimed at people who are interested in working at SSAB.

   Facebook is an informal channel mainly for customers, partners and local stakeholders.

   Twitter is a channel where we focus on communication for journalists and investors, as well as interaction with opinion-leaders, partners and customers.

   Instagram is our channel where we publish inspirational images related to our business and the work of the SSAB people.

   YouTube is where we publish all of our videos, including informative films about the company, steel and our customers.