Both programs are free of charge, but they need to be registered for full functionality. Programs can be downloaded from Design tools page.

Several improvements in PileWallCalc

PileWallCalc fast updated to version and after that to Second update was smaller and it fixed issues in weight calculation of RD pile wall and in checking of possible updates.
New version has more accurate calculation for some important resistance values, for example Mmax and Mmin. This calculation is done by iteration. Iteration is time consuming and therefore program uses first fast calculation and then more accurate calculation is started either by pressing a button (red no. 1 in Figure) or by changing to another tab in the program.

Beside resistance values, PileWallCalc shows now also CO2 emissions (red no. 2 in Figure) of SSAB manufactured materials, pile pipe and possible inner pipe. Program uses latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for SSAB pile products available during release of the program version.
List of updates can be seen in ReadMe.txt file of the program. Beside above mentioned ones, the updates include i.e. fixed calculation of local buckling when different sides of wall have different slenderness, fabrication tolerance quality class A for small diameter piles (<350 mm) and fixed calculation of zig-zag combi wall.

Updates in RRPileCalc

Calculations for requirements from PDA testing have been modified to be more informative with all country selections. Program has now a pop-up window to show how correlation factors and model factors are defined according to national selections in each country. Program also gives warning texts if requirements are close to yield strength of the pile material.


RRPileCalc version
Results from above calculations for PDA requirements are now also included in printouts with all country selections.
Other small updates include for example adding of new RRs170/12.5 pile size and updating calculation of CO2 emissions according to latest version of EPD.

More information on RR® and RD® piles and RD® pile wall