Technical support provides consulting during project design and execution stages. We assist in choosing the most economical solutions for our customers which is typically achieved by using higher strength RRs and RDs piles. Utilizing higher strength steel is advantageous for our customers by reduced costs and it is aligned with our vision of stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

Technical support has written handbooks which are distributed through our downloads and in SSAB events. The handbooks include available pile sizes and pile accessories along with other relevant information including product properties and installation guidelines. We also organize product training of piles and accessories to help getting familiar with our products and their capabilities.

SSAB has developed RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc softwares for analyzing the performance of single piles, RD pile walls or Combi walls in given conditions. The softwares are available for downloading on our website. Technical support offers software training for designers and other interest groups to achieve increased efficiency by utilizing our design tools.


Contact us:

Antti Perälä
Technology Manager  [email protected] 
Teemu Yli-Kovero Product Manager [email protected]
Anssi Hyvärinen Technology Specialist [email protected]
Sondre Smeland Technical Manager, Norway [email protected]