RDs pile deliveries are about to be finished for the massive traffic circle construction project through Pasila in Helsinki. Large delivery amount of RDs piles, close to 1 300 tons of steel, started in January 2018 to YIT Rakennus Oy, who is the contractor of Veturitie road construction project. YIT had signed a road contract in Pasila in Helsinki, Finland with City of Helsinki. The contract covers a road contract in Veturitie, a concrete trough bridge and a double-deck roundabout that connects Teollisuuskatu and Veturitie. Veturitie also passes YIT's Tripla project, which is currently under construction. Veturitie has an important role to improve traffic conditions in the growing Middle-Pasila region. There will be soon 10 000 – 15 000 new jobs.

There are extremely demanding groundwork circumstances at the construction site. Customer chose high-strength S550J2H steel grade for the RD piles in the project. Final deliveries of SSAB’s steel piles will be in October 2018 and YIT’s project is estimated to be completed by summer 2019. SSAB’s deliveries include 6 184 meters (394 ton) of RDs220/12.5 and 5400 meters (434 ton) of RDs270/12.5 delivered in 6-12 meters in length and produced in SSAB’s Pulkkila mill in Finland. In addition 960 meters (92 ton) of RDs320/12.5 in 12 meter length have been delivered from Pulkkila mill. 2 540 (388 ton) of RDs500/12.5 in 8-14 meter length have been produced in SSAB’s Oulainen mill in Finland. Thanks to produced-to-length large diameter piles splice welding at the site have been minimized to save time and costs.