Environmental assessments help companies to reduce their environmental impact by offering comparable data on building materials.

Sundahus assessment

SSAB’s steel piles have been rated with a value A, which is the most recommended category. All RR, RRs, RD and RDs products are included and they are registered under SSAB Europe Oy.

SundaHus offers property owners security through a wide range of services for environmentally conscious material choices. With a web-based system and counseling, SundaHus is a comprehensive solution for systematic efforts at phasing out hazardous substances in a building's lifecycle.

Byggvarubedömningen – Building material assessment

SSAB’s steel piles are also registered under SSAB Europe Oy in Byggvarubedömningen, Building material assessment. The assessment has been updated during spring 2017. SSAB’s steel piles have been rated with the highest grade ”Recommended” in Byggvarubedömningen classification.

SSAB offers comprehensive data on products to ease customers to improve their performance in sustainability and overall efficiency

Life cycle assessments data for SSAB’s products is available in the form of Environmental product declarations (EPDs). Manufacturing chain from raw material to finished product is carefully managed.