SSAB Tubular Products – Infra has active research functions and close co-operation with several universities. This co-operation results in several M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses every year. During 2017 totally three M.Sc. theses and one B.Sc. thesis have or will be completed.

All these theses have been made in separate universities; University of Oulu, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Usually theses include also a partner, this year all these partners have been design companies; Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy, Ramboll Finland Oy, Pöyry Finland Oy and SITO Oy.

The topics of theses have been related to SSAB’s steel piles or RD pile wall:

  • Antti Ahonen, M.Sc. thesis: Suitability and design of steel fiber reinforced concrete in composite structured columns and piles (in Finnish)
  • Samuli Laatinen, M.Sc. thesis: Design of support structures of steel pipe pile wall (in Finnish)
  • Niko Korhonen, M.Sc. thesis: The tensile capacity of grooved steel pipe pile (in English)
  • Eveliina Suni, B.Sc. thesis: Classification and methods for splitting and cutting steel piles (in English)