Recently launched PileWallCalc has been further developed to include also Swedish and Norwegian norms. The design tool has been adopted widely in Finland, where the tool was launched in the beginning of the year. Thanks to the new tool calculation of cross section properties and bending moment resistances of the pile walls is easy. The program calculates the bending moment resistances and normal force resistances of RD pile wall, Combi wall and Zig-Zag Combi wall.

Easy to use – Lots of possibilities

Calculations are done according to Eurocode design codes. Design tool includes pile sizes RD220…RR/RD1200, all steel grades used for SSAB’s piles and a comprehensive set of sheet pile profiles. Resistance of a pile wall can be calculated in either elastic state or plastic state. Also, the structure of the pipe piles can be designed as a steel structure (empty steel pipe pile), a concrete filled steel pipe (without composite effect), a composite structure with or without reinforcement bars and a composite structure with an inner steel pipe.

Figure 1. User Interface of PileWallCalc

The program creates a report which contains the initial data, effective cross section properties and the combined capacity graph for the normal force resistance and bending moment resistance. If the cross section has different properties in upper and lower part of the wall, both capacity graphs are shown.

Figure 2. Combined N/M capacity curve for RD pile wall with two different cross sections

Design tool is offered for free to designers and our customers

PileWallCalc can be downloaded from The program is free, but it needs to be registered for full functionality.

Use of the program and interpretation of the results requires the user to have sufficient expertise. SSAB and the program's author are not responsible for any errors in the program or direct or indirect damages caused by incorrect application of the results of the program.