Manual for standard pile caps (Finland) 

The manual includes now also pile caps for long piles. According to Finland’s national piling guide PO-2016, the required center-to-center distances of piles are related to lengths of the piles. For most common pile lengths, L< 40 m, this needs to be considered with pile sizes starting from RR245. The new manual has separate pile caps for RR245, RR270 and RR320 pile sizes with shorter and longer lengths. For RR400 pile size there are three different pile caps depending on the pile lengths.

Figure. The manual has tables giving required center-to-center distances, dimensions, reinforcements, etc. for pile caps.

Figure. The manual contains also graphs for estimating the stability of pile caps facing both normal force and bending moment.

This manual follows Eurocode design standards, Finland’s National Annexes, and other national design guidelines. National Annexes have influence on design resistances of piles and on resistances of concrete structures in pile caps. Due to that, this manual is only valid to be used in Finland.
Manual for standard pile caps can be downloaded here (in Finnish).

Besides updating the manual, also Tekla component related to manual has updated. The component includes all the same pile caps as the manual. The component enables fast utilization of the standard pile caps in 3D modeling with Tekla Structures. The component is compatible with Tekla versions 2019.0 and newer.

Figure. Pile caps for five pcs of RRs320/12.5 piles, left with short piles and right with long piles.

Tekla components can be downloaded from Tekla download site

AutoCAD files for standard pile caps

There are also AutoCAD .dwg files available for all the standard pile caps in the manual. The .dwg files have also been updated and they are available for downloading from SSAB web site. 
The .dwg files can be downloaded here.

Figure. Pile cap for four pcs of RRs270/12.5 piles with length of 25 to 40 meters.

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