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General Product Description

Hot-dip coated steel for lightweight vehicles. Docol 600CP is a steel for complex shapes with energy absorbing capability and corrosion resistance. Examples include complex body-in-white (BIW) and other automotive components. Galvanic corrosion protection of these zinc-based coated products makes them ideal for wet area components.

Dimension Range

Cold rolled / GI, GA, ZA: thickness 0.70-2.50 mm, width up to 1520 mm.

Slit strip and cut to length sheets are available upon request.

Grade and coating specific restrictions on available dimensions may occur.

Mechanical Properties

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    Standard Coating Test direction
    Yield strength Rp0.2
    Tensile strength Rm
    Elongation A80 1)
    (min %)
    (min MPa)
    Min. inner bending radius for a 90° bend 2)
    Docol CR​350Y​600T-​CP SSAB GI, GA, ZA L 350 - 500 600 - 740 16 30 1.0 x t
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      1) For GA coatings the minimum elongation value is reduced by 2 units.

      2) In some cases tight bending radius may cause micro-cracking of the coating in the bend area. Where design permits, users are encouraged to employ larger radius.

      Chemical Composition (ladle analysis)

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        Coating C
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        Docol CR​350Y​600T-​CP GI, GA, ZA 0.18 0.80 2.20 0.050 0.010 0.015 - 1.50 0.15 1.00 0.005
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          Hot-dip galvanized (GI, GA, ZA): Tolerances in accordance to EN 10143.

          Customized dimensional and shape tolerances are available upon request.


          The metal coating options for Docol products include:

          Hot-dip zinc coating (GI) consists almost entirely of zinc (>99%). It is lead free, resulting in a small zinc spangle size. The coating provides good corrosion protection.

          Galvannealed coating (GA) is a zinc-iron alloy coating having an iron content of approximately 10%. Galvannealed is produced by post-heat treatment in continuous hot-dip coating process. Galvannealed provides excellent resistance weldability and corrosion protection of painted products.

          Galfan coating (ZA) is a zinc-aluminium alloy coating having the eutectic composition approximately of 95% Zn and 5% Al. Galfan is produced in continuous hot-dip coating process. Galfan has better anticorrosive and forming properties than conventional hot-dip zinc coating (GI).

          Grade specific availability of metal coatings for Docol products is given in the Mechanical properties table (Coating).

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            Coating type Coating class Standard Closest in EN 10346, informative Coating mass per side, single spot test (g/m2) Thickness per side informative (µm)
            GI 40/40 VDA 239-100 Z100 40 - 60 5.6 - 8.5
            GI 50/50 VDA 239-100 50 - 70 7.0 - 9.9
            GI 60/60 VDA 239-100 Z140 60 - 90 8.5 - 12.7
            GI 70/70 VDA 239-100 70 - 100 9.9 - 14.1
            GI 85/85 VDA 239-100 85 - 115 12.0 - 16.2
            GI 115/115 VDA 239-100 Z275 115 - 155 16.2 - 21.8
            GA 40/40 VDA 239-100 ZF100 40 - 60 5.6 - 8.5
            GA 50/50 VDA 239-100 ZF120 50 - 80 7.0 - 11.3
            ZA 95 EN 10346 ZA95 7.0 -
            ZA 130 EN 10346 ZA130 10.0 -
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              Docol metal coated products are available with surface quality for unexposed applications.

              In addition to these coating masses, OEM specific coatings are available upon request.

              Surface Treatments

              Hot-dip galvanized (GI, GA, ZA): available as oiled and/or chemically passivated.

              All surface treatments are in accordance with RoHS directive (2011/65/EU) and do not contain Chromium VI (Cr6+). Surface treatments provide only temporary surface protection during transportation and storage. In order to avoid corrosion damages, care must be taken to keep the products dry during transportation and storage. If they become wet, they must be separated and situated so that they are dried quickly.

              Fabrication and Other Recommendations

              For information concerning fabrication, see SSAB´s brochures on or consult Tech Support.

              Appropriate health and safety precautions must be taken when bending, welding, cutting, grinding or otherwise working on the products.

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