Tubular steel – A wide product range, a variety of uses

Looking to buy steel tubing? Look no further than our extensive range of tubular steel products for all general fabrication, structural or architectural applications, or repairs. SSAB offers its own high-quality tubes, including hollow square tubing, round tubing, trapezoidal sections, precision tubes, cold-formed open sections, and steel piles, retaining walls, safety barrier systems, water mains and more. You’ll get versatility, strong yet lighter tubes, and more cost-effective production. Contact us today!

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6 reasons to choose Tubular products from SSAB

consistent quality

Consistent quality

From batch to batch, every time. You’ll get more productive thanks to fewer adjustments and interruptions in your production process and less scrap. With this greater predictability, you can simplify planning and scheduling your tubular steel production.

improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

Our carbon efficiency (CO2 per tonne of steel) is one of the highest in the steel industry. So when you buy tubular steels from us, you help to reduce environmental impact during production. And you can further optimize your tubular steel products by selecting the ideal steel grade, length, shape and thickness, or perhaps using perforated components.

increase payload

Increase payload

You’ll find tubular steel products nearly everywhere, in frame structures on trucks, train cars, cranes, and other transport equipment. Use thinner wall thicknesses at the same or greater strength than conventional steel tubing to carry higher payloads. The proof is in the payload!

own steel

Own steel

When you buy steel tubing from us, you know what you’re getting. We can guarantee traceability, best-in-class batch to batch consistency, and outstanding development support. Whatever benefits you’re aiming for – reduced weight, better formability, higher payload, lower lifecycle costs – we’ll help you choose the right tubular steel.

Reduce weight

Reduce weight

Slash the self-weight of structures by optimizing the grade, shape and thickness of our structural tubing, without compromising on strength and durability. Whether you’re making building components or heavy vehicles that need to comply with road weight limits, our in-house experts are here to help.

Save time

Save time

Ease of use is a given for SSAB’s tubular steel products. They’re easy to weld, cut and form with the right knowledge. And batch-to-batch uniformity ensures an easy transition between production batches.

Tubular steel that meets your needs

Hollow sections

Hollow sections

Higher productivity, freedom of design

SSAB produces cold-formed and welded structural hollow sections for wide-ranging purposes, from lifting or transport equipment to designing buildings. With SSAB Domex® Tubes, advanced high-strength Strenx® Tubes or our other products, you’ll get some of the strongest, most reliable structural hollow sections on the market today – while vastly reducing the structure’s weight, achieving material and cost savings, and innovating your designs for the future.

Open sections

Cold-formed open sections

Our comprehensive range of cold-formed open steel sections offers nearly endless possibilities for steel grades (up to S900) as well as shapes. Tubular steel grades and shapes that precisely match the application can give you significant weight and cost savings.

Open sections
Precision tubes

Precision tubes

The most versatile precision tubes

Whether you’re looking for weight savings, corrosion resistance, narrow tolerances, excellent surface quality or low processing costs, you’re sure to find the right precision steel tubes to fit your needs. Select from a wide variety of coating options and zinc coating thicknesses from 100 to 600 g/m2. For special applications requiring superior paint adhesion and good weldability with excellent corrosion resistance, our galvannealed tubing makes the best choice.


Responsibly produced, great value for money

Build right, at the right price. You can rely on SSAB to deliver first-rate steel piles and other infrastructure products, like safety barriers systems, trapezoidal sections for bridge girders, and pressure piping – all responsibly produced and offering great value for money. When you partner with us, we commit to prompt delivery and seeing you through the design and execution stages as needed.

Steel piles and infrastructure products

Tubular steel resources – tailored to your needs



Get your hands on our free handbooks! Our handbooks on hollow sections and precision tubes provide in-depth theoretical information, application guidelines, and step-by-step recommendations on steel tube topics like welding, forming and design. Order in printed form or download as a pdf.

calculators and tools

Calculators and design tools

With our design tools, creating new designs quickly and accurately just got easier. FrameCalc is a powerful software program for designing trusses made of hollow sections. And you can use our steel pile tools to calculate resistances for single piles and pile walls. Best of all, these tools are free of charge and so simple to use.


Webinars and downloads

Join our experts and learn more about SSAB’s tubular steel offering with our online training. You’ll also get on-demand access to recorded webinars and more information about tubular products in a downloadable format.

Going green – SSAB first in fossil-free steel

SSAB is taking the lead in decarbonizing the steel industry with green steel production. In a groundbreaking effort, SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall are teaming up to tackle climate change. We’re working on a steelmaking process that emits water instead of carbon dioxide.

Webinars & events

Let's meet at Alihankinta!

SSAB aims to hit the market with the world's first fossil-free steel in 2026. Come meet us at stand A402 to hear more.


Customer cases and news

Roll-forming a profile

Trapezoidal sections improve economy of the long span bridge superstructure

SSAB has been involved in the development and implementation of steel bridge structures for many years. Our solutions for both superstructure and substructure steel bridge components make us competitive in this construction sector. SSAB plates, pipes, sections and profiles open the way for sustainable and cost-effective bridge construction, which means savings in overall life cycle costs. The two bridge projects in Hungary are a perfect example of how to implement VU sections into a steel bridge superstructure.

RD Pile wall drilling in Tallinn Old City Harbour

SSAB Hollow sections in exact lengths and helpful customer service supports the competitiveness of customer welding steel constructions

SSAB delivered around 200 tons of structural hollow sections to its customer STH Steel for the steel frame of Snellman’s new warehouse. New warehouse will be 40x60 meters and transportation will drive under the warehouse expansion to the slaughterhouse.