SSAB Steel Service Center Oborniki work within many different industries. Below you can find a few examples.

Tipper truck

Heavy transport

SSAB has been working very closely with the heavy-transport industry for many years, where the immediate benefits of using high-strength steel are visible – both for users due to higher payloads, as for the planet thanks to lower emissions. In SSAB Steel Service Center Oborniki, we process, store and deliver various parts for trailers and tippers for the biggest OEMs in Europe.

Hardox container


Where higher payload, longer durability and strength to contain everything inside is needed, SSAB is a supplier of reliable parts for various types of containers.

Truck with crane

Lifting & moving goods

Mobile crane boom parts, chassis components, reach stackers parts, loading cranes components – you can find them all on our floor, carefully prepared for dispatch to our customers in various parts of Europe.



Whether structural parts for agricultural machines, like agriculture tipper or fertilizer spreader sidewalls, floors, or, parts that go into the ground made of Hardox® wear plate – we not only will produce, store and deliver them, but will also help you develop new ones and save costs.


Where precise, structural parts for railway cars are necessary, SSAB Steel Service Center Oborniki delivers. Under-frame parts, which are long and need to be very precise, is where we excel.

Construction crane

Construction & Infrastructure

For many years we have been working with various projects in construction and infrastructure industries – from long, bent bridge elements, to offshore overhead cranes.

Engineers working

Steel Processing

We are not only steel-processing specialists – we help our customers with supply chain solutions, like parts buffer storage and just-in-time deliveries as well. We are also here to help with design, product development and trial production – where we can provide engineering support in the product development phase.

The right materials for the job

We are experts in the processing of high-strength and special steels, like Strenx® performance steel, Hardox® wear plate, SSAB Domex®, Docol®, SSAB Laser® or SSAB Multisteel.

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