Plate products
Plate products

Laser-welded, thin, wide Hardox® sheets

Hardox® wear plate in sheets up to 4 m x 20 m or 5 m x 12 m open up an entirely new set of design and performance possibilities.

Very wide steel sheets, shipped worldwide

Our high-speed laser welding systems join standard width sheets from the SSAB mill into large sheets – up to 4 m x 20 m or 5 m x 12 m in size. Because of its toughness and hardness – even when thin – Hardox® wear plate in 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm is commonly specified, especially for applications such as floors and sidewalls for tippers or refuse (garbage and recycling) trucks.

Laser welding for flat Hardox® sheets

Laser welding’s minimal thermal distortions and extremely narrow weld seams means the resulting, large, joined sheet will also be exceptionally flat. This makes subsequent processing easier and more exact, as well as making your final product more attractive.

Tailor-welded Hardox® sheets

Leverage the ability to put just the right thickness in the right location. For example, a tipper body sidewall might have a 4 mm thick Hardox® wear plate along its bottom half and a lighter 3 mm thick plate on its top half. This capability opens up designs to all-new possibilities, enabling greater sustainability through reduced material use and increased fuel economy from lightweighting.

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Additional processing of wide Hardox® sheets

After we’ve created your new, wide Hardox® sheet, we can further process it for you. It’s very common for us to cut and bend large Hardox® sheets, adding further value and time-savings for customers. And we offer additional steel processing services.