Toolox® – the perfect tool steel for machine parts

The properties of Toolox® engineering and tool steel from the Swedish special steels manufacturer SSAB make it outperform on any machining challenge, whether it’s for small intricate machine components or gear racks several meters long.

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Toolox® engineering and tool steel keeps its promises

Toolox® is cast, rolled, quenched and tempered at the same mill to meet SSAB’s very strict specifications. Every piece of Toolox® is tested to ensure its properties are consistent. This is key to reliable performance during manufacturing of machine parts, as well as high productivity and long service life when they are in use. Toolox® steel keeps its promises, so you can keep yours.

Toolox® has
guaranteed and
measured properties

  • Impact toughness
  • Hardness
  • Machinability
  • Thickness
  • Flatness
  • Surface condition

Perfect in high-speed manufacturing

There are several properties that make Toolox® stand out. The low carbide content of Toolox® improves machinability and reduces wear on tool inserts. The special alloy composition and the unique vibration dampening properties also contribute to efficient machining in the most powerful CNC machines which turn Toolox® plates and round bars into machine parts at great speed and accuracy.

Toolox® is a prehardened steel with consistent properties for fast and predictable machining.
When machining Toolox® steel in complex shapes all surfaces are equally hard from the surface to the core.

Perfect in any shape

Toolox® is a dimensionally stable and ‘dead’ tool steel which normally requires no stress relieving after heavy machining. This is especially useful when machining long thin sections such as gear racks, metal cutting knives, knife supports and guide rails. Even if these products are machined mainly from one side, they stay extremely straight without any secondary machining.

By eliminating the need for stress reliving after machining, Toolox® saves time in the workshop.
The longer and slimmer the part, the more Toolox® demonstrates its lack of internal stresses.

Perfect in cold and hot

Toolox® engineering and tool steel grades can operate in a wide temperature range. The steel’s high toughness is a great advantage in recycling equipment, for example, which is exposed to sub-zero conditions in cold winter climates. At the other end of the scale, Toolox® maintains its strength and hardness even after working in temperatures reaching as high as 590°C, as is often the case in steel mills, cement industries and powerplants.

Equipment that deals with high forces in freezing conditions works fine with Toolox®.
Toolox® likes it hot, making it the right choice when the steel is exposed to high loads and temperatures.

Toolox® steel for machine parts speeds up production

Faster machining

Toolox® is a premium tool steel for all kinds of machine parts. It can take high-performance machining without subsequent stress relieving. The fact that Toolox® is a highly predictable material ensures that similar machine settings give repeatable results.

Production process Toolox vs standard

No heat treatment needed

As a prehardened steel Toolox® allows for shorter manufacturing time and reduced production costs. Toolox® doesn’t need any heat treatment after machining since the required hardness comes with the steel. Thanks to the steel’s low carbon concept it’s still easy to machine.

Production process Toolox vs standard

“We changed to Toolox® 33 from tool steel 2738 when making brackets for our customer. Instead of machining the shape from a large square plate 60 mm thick, we used oxycutting to come close to the final shape. This means very little machining and of course faster production.”

Aceros y Servicios, Spain

”To start with flat instead of round material saved a lot of production time. The gear racks we made were absolutely straight: 0.004 mm sidewise deflection and 0.136 mm longitudinal deflection on 1.8 measuring length!”

Tommy Petterson, Stena Stål, Sweden

“Toolox® gives me the possibility to manufacture high-performance components very effectively. The superior mechanical properties of Toolox® and the unique quality control of the product also make it possible to offer a very reliable product to my customers.”

Manuel Nacher, Nacher Mecanizados, Spain

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