Sustainability areas

Sustainability is part of SSAB’s business strategy and encompasses many different areas of the environment, social issues and governance of our business.

Inclusion and diversity

We operate globally and have approximately 14,000 employees with diverse abilities, skills and experience in more than 50 countries. At SSAB, we strive to create an inclusive culture in which we celebrate and recognize differences as an important part of our success.


SSAB has undertaken to minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations. We work with continuous improvements to minimize emissions and improve material and energy efficiency.

The life cycle of steel

Steel is the world’s most widely recycled material, and it can be recycled again and again without losing its properties. Due to their durability, steel products have a long lifetime and can often be recycled and used in other applications, which saves on resources.

Health and Safety

Everyone at SSAB has the right to a healthy work environment with no accidents. Our goal is to be the safest steel company in the world.

Responsible sourcing

It is important to us that our suppliers act responsibly, and that they follow SSAB’s own guidelines, as well as international guidelines on sustainability.

Business Ethics

SSAB operates in environments characterized by different cultures, values and traditions. We have zero tolerance of bribery and corruption, and observe high standards of business ethics.