SSAB Tech support

SSAB Tech Support has a high local presence worldwide and can visit customers at short notice to solve acute problems or to initiate longer term co-development projects.

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Our dedicated team possesses broad and deep technical knowledge and many years of experience. We can answer general customer questions about design, welding, forming and wear, and we even cooperate closely with SSAB's specialist groups at the Knowledge Service Center for questions requiring more specialized expertise.

Design and development support

Want to cut production costs by 20% or more? Or make your applications easier to manufacture, able to carry more payload, last longer and require less maintenance?

Marketing support - Our brands, your success

Get the power of a great brand

You can benefit not only from using our steels in your products but also by associating those products with our powerful, trusted brands. We offer world-class support in terms of banners, brochures, roll-ups and other materials that will boost your presence at trade fairs and your overall marketing efforts.  

Contact your local sales office to get more information about the co-branding possibilities.

Show a sign of quality: Hardox® in My Body and My Inner Strenx® programs

The Hardox® In My Body and My Inner Strenx® trademark signs on a product let your market identify high performance in steel. Only leading manufacturers whose products meet SSAB’s strict quality requirements are granted licenses to put these logos on their products.

Contact your local sales office if you're a manufacturer who already uses Hardox® or Strenx® steel in your applications and wants to join the program.

Power up your business by becoming a Hardox Wearparts Center

You'll join a network of dedicated, top-quality organizations that have seen their businesses grow as a result. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Proven concept with proven products including access to our proprietary product catalog with thousands of wear products and other exclusive wear analysis tools
  • Top of the line products including Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® performance steel, Toolox® engineering and tool steel, chromium and complex carbide overlays
  • Extensive marketing support including brochures, advertising and exhibition materials
  • Training and technical support including workshop, production, sales training and more
  • Easy administration and efficient sourcing with one point of contact and central stocks
  • Strong customer concepts including WearMonitoring™ and performance and service contracts for your end customer
  • Unique network of colleagues around the world for sharing best practices

Find out how you can start your own center

Calculators and tools

Calculators and tools that help you for example calculate wear, optimize welding or scan the steel item to identify its origin. Download the app or desktop version and calculate your benefits.  

Processing instructions

Steel Handbooks

For the world's most advanced steel products, we offer the most advanced technical support!

The SSAB Steel Handbooks are based on more than 40 years of experience in steelmaking and design as well as knowledge derived from leading steel experts, thousands of product applications globally and end-user experience on all continents.

The handbooks provide in-depth theoretical background and information, application guidelines and step-by-step recommendations on topics such as welding, forming, joining and design.