SSAB's strategic direction

The strategy describes how SSAB creates value for the company, customers and owners, and how SSAB will stand out in a competitive global steel market.


First in fossil-free steel

SSAB's strategy is to develop and offer fossil-free, iron ore-based steel on a commercial basis. To succeed, SSAB set up a joint venture, Hybrit Development, with iron ore supplier LKAB and power supplier Vattenfall, to be the first in the world to develop a competitive production process for fossil-free sponge iron. SSAB has decided on a transformation strategy to replace blast furnace-based production in the Nordics with a mini-mill system with electric arc furnaces in around 2030.

Leading home-market positions

SSAB's strategy is to be market leader on our two home markets, the Nordics and North America, where SSAB has a natural competitive advantage because of our proximity to steel mills. SSAB will achieve this by prioritizing customers in these markets while aiming to increase the share of premium steels of total sales.

Global leadership in high-strength steels

SSAB's strategy is to be global market leader in the quenched and tempered (Q&T) steel and specific high-strength steel (AHSS) segments as these special steels deliver value added for customers. SSAB works by upgrading customers from standard steels to high-strength alternatives, by continuously working with customers to develop products and by investing in the production system to enable growth.

Leading value-added services

SSAB's strategy is to develop and increase the use of steel-related services to create higher customer value and loyalty. SSAB offers comprehensive services around the world through own sales organizations in 50 countries and through Tibnor, Ruukki Construction and SSAB Services, and partner networks such as Hardox® Wearparts.

Most flexible operations

SSAB's strategy is for more flexible operations than the steel industry as a whole to be able to faster adjust to market fluctuations and to customers' individual needs. Group-wide continuous improvement and working capital efficiency programs are running as part of this aim. In the longer term, the work also includes a more flexible product system by switching entirely over to integrated mini-mills with electric arc furnaces, rolling and further processing.

High-performing organization

SSAB's strategy and business model are built around a high-performing and decentralized organization with high employee engagement. Our employees in more than 50 countries require local engagement and initiative. SSAB will continue to work with leadership and competence development, and strive to enhance diversity in the workforce.

Superior customer experience

SSAB's strategy is to offer a superior customer experience – from sales to shipments – that exceeds that of our competitors. SSAB does this by among other things a unique sales model in the steel industry where we often sell directly to end users, a portfolio of highly advanced products and world-leading brands, together with constant work for competitive lead times and delivery accuracy.

Leading sustainability performance

SSAB's strategy is to be industry-leading within sustainability. Sustainability should be a distinguishing factor compared to competitors. SSAB's ambition is to be the world's safest steel company, to largely eliminate all carbon dioxide from our own operations in around 2030 and to always set the highest standards in business ethics.