SSAB's strategic direction

The strategy describes how SSAB creates value for the company, customers and owners, and how SSAB will stand out in a competitive global steel market.


Industry-leading profitability

SSAB aims to deliver sustainable industry-leading profitability through innovation and market leadership in the business segments in which we operate and continuous improvements in how we work.

Secure our home-market leadership

SSAB is the market leader in our home markets – flat carbon steels and tubular products in the Nordics and heavy plate in North America. The close relationship and proximity to customers is one of SSAB's competitive advantages. The strategy is to further strengthen our market positions by developing our offering and steelmaking and distribution capabilities.

Expand leadership in special and premium steels globally

SSAB is the global market leader in Quenched and Tempered (Q&T) steel and specific high-strength steels. SSAB also offers premium steel grades with added customer value. Our strategy is to grow by upgrading customers from standard steels to high-strength and premium alternatives, and to enter new markets and segments. This will improve SSAB’s product mix.

Establish a leading position in emission-free steels

SSAB's strategy is to continue to develop and grow our sales of world-leading sustainable premium steels globally. We continue to develop our offering and to create a market for fossil-free steel and are also introducing new emission-free steels from recycled material.

Transform to efficient, flexible and fossil-free operations

SSAB has decided to transform the steel production system to enable more efficient, flexible and sustainable operations. In parallel, SSAB has long had group-wide programs for continuous improvement, working capital efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Strengthen our high-performing organization

SSAB's strategy and business model are built around a high-performing and decentralized organization with high employee engagement. Continuously working with leadership and competence development as well as inclusion and diversity are an important part of this.

Differentiate through superior customer experience

SSAB offers a superior customer experience compared to our peers, thanks to a unique sales model in the steel industry where we often sell directly to end users. SSAB aims to be the best in the industry when it comes to delivery accuracy and lead times, with eCommerce and digital services playing an important part.

The world's safest steel company

The ambition is to become the world's safest steel company, by continuously improving safety procedures and mindset in order to eliminate safety risks in our operations.