Our suppliers are key in bringing us closer to our vision of a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Being a supplier to SSAB however comes with a great responsibility within everything from sustainability and safety to working with cost improvements. Whether you are an existing or potential supplier you can find more about this and many other procurement related topics here.


About us

SSAB Global Procurement applies a centralized operating model and is organized into purchasing categories, with a site-local presence. Our employees are mainly located in Sweden, Finland and USA. Our procurement operations are naturally divided between the Nordic and Americas operations due to the nature of the supplier market. Read more about our procurement operations in SSABs annual report.


What we expect from our suppliers and what suppliers can expect from SSAB

SSAB works only with the most competitive suppliers in terms of safety, quality, delivery, innovation and total cost. We expect our suppliers to embrace our values and comply with our policies. As our supplier you can expect a professional treatment and a healthy business relationship based on SSABs values Driven, True and Ahead.

Responsible sourcing

At SSAB, sustainability is an integrated aspect of sourcing operations and supply chain management. We assess suppliers based on quality, delivery performance, cost and sustainability. Read more about responsible sourcing and our KPIs here.
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General terms and conditions

Our General terms and conditions govern how to do business with SSAB. SSAB Americas has its own terms and conditions; read more here.
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How to become a supplier to SSAB

Welcome to contact us via below form if you meet our supplier expectations.
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Digital collaboration through e-sourcing tools

Requirements per location

SSAB always puts safety first. Using safe working methods is as important for our contractors as it is for our employees. Read more about our local safety requirements and other site specific requirements at each site below.


Contact us

Please read our General terms and conditions, Code of conduct and Supplier sustainability policy before you fill in this form. Clearly state what type of product or service you provide and your reason for contacting us.