SSAB's customer segments

Customer segments served by SSAB include heavy transport, automotive, material handling (including mining), construction machinery (including lifting), energy, construction, protection and tooling.

Round chart customer segments

In what SSAB regards as its home markets, the Nordic region and North America, standard steels are, to a large extent, sold to steel service centres and distributors.

SSAB sells its products both directly to end customers and via steel service centers.

SSAB works close to end-users in order to best understand how products work in our customers’ applications. This also ensures the understanding necessary to guide product and process development in the best possible way to be able to offer optimum products in response to constantly increasing demands. SSAB’s unique competitive edge lies in one of the widest product portfolios in the market, combined with in-depth knowledge of materials, and customers’ applications and production.

For more information on customer segments and applications can be found from our product pages.