Cold-formed open sections – build up your productivity

Gain impressive weight and cost savings – while building up productivity – with our wide range of cold-formed open sections with high yield-strengths up to 900 MPa.

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A versatile product, a variety of uses

Choose from a nearly endless variety of custom or standard grades (up to S900 steel) and shapes to get the perfect fit for your application. Our cold-formed open sections are used in construction, lifting and handling, heavy transportation, automotive, railway, agriculture, energy and other sectors.

With the right match, you get only what you need. This means you can use less steel yet still maintain structural integrity in critical areas, and spend less money on your next project. For each unit of weight you save by using stronger yet lighter steel profiles, you’ll not only make transportation easier and less costly but improve your environmental footprint.

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Why choose built-up steel sections from SSAB

  • Highly precise shapes, available in almost any desired length and shape
  • High strength-to-weight ratio for a lightweight product that’s easy to transport and install
  • Attractive, smooth surface finish
  • Prefab components for rapid assembly
  • Batch-to-batch consistency, formed to tight tolerances
  • Common joining methods can be used (welding, bolting, adhesives)
  • Recyclable at end of life
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Up to standard – for your peace of mind

When you choose cold-formed open steel sections from SSAB, you’re investing in materials that meet or exceed the requirements of European standard EN 10162. Our cold-rolled structural steels meet all the technical delivery conditions under this standard. This way, you get only the highest quality product and do not need to compromise on meeting specs, requirements, strength or safety.

Cold-formed open sections in a huge variety of shapes and sizes

Not two projects are the same. That’s why SSAB offers versatile cold-formed open sections made from high-quality steel. Ready to use, easy to install. Choose from custom or standard options for built-up steel sections. Get higher strength grades to save on weight and costs, and reduce the environmental impact of production and transportation. Browse the range in this video!

The advantages of cold-rolled open profiles over hot-rolled beams

When you need stronger yet lighter steel profiles with tight tolerances, dimensional accuracy, straightness, and a smooth and scale-free surface, cold-rolled open profiles from SSAB can make a better option than hot-rolled profiles. Here’s why.

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Domex sections

SSAB Domex sections

Thanks to their winning combination of cross-sectional accuracy, good formability and high strength, SSAB Domex cold-formed sections enable you to create long-lasting structures that weigh less. Use in practically any kind of steel structure including commercial or residential buildings, heavy equipment or machinery.

weathering sections

SSAB Weathering sections

If you’re looking for low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant steel sections with a high sustainability profile, you can rely on SSAB Weathering open sections. A great choice for minimizing total life cycle costs in long-lasting bridges, transport equipment, outdoor art and other structures.

trepezoidal sections

Trapezoidal sections

Trapezoidal sections in the superstructures of road, rail, and light-traffic bridges, especially in orthotropic decks, improve overall bridge economy. Get custom lengths, up to 21 m (69 ft.), with no welded joints. Closed ribs make surface treatment easy and less costly.

strenx sections

Strenx® sections

High-strength U-channels up to 900MC with a naturally stiff form enable the construction of stronger yet lighter structures. Typical applications include load-bearing structures in the lifting, handling and transportation sectors.

Safety barrier

Guard rails

When safety comes first, you can rely on side barriers, median barriers, and guard rails and posts from SSAB. They have proven durability and crashworthiness in demanding environmental conditions and are standards-compliant. Ready to install, reliable delivery.

6 reasons to choose Tubular products from SSAB

consistent quality

Consistent quality

improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

increase payload

Increase payload

own steel

Own steel

Reduce weight

Reduce weight

Save time

Save time

Explore the world of fossil-free steel

SSAB’s high-strength steels already enable its customers to achieve significant CO2 savings by reducing emissions across the value chain. And SSAB’s fossil-free steel will, in the future, enable its customers to reduce these even further.

EPD – An important tool in your sustainability work

What is the environmental impact of open sections throughout the whole lifecycle? You can find this out in SSAB’s environmental product declarations, EPDs.


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