Fabricating and processing of wear-resistant equipment

SSAB Steel Service center Santiago has a spacious indoor fabrication and processing shop sitting on over 12.000 square meters of land, giving us ample room for both our steel inventories and your projects-in-progress. Our company is certified to ISO 9001-2015. Most important, however, is that all of our shop employees are trained in fabricating techniques specific to our SSAB steel offerings: Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® structural steel, and Duroxite® overlay products.

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Chromium carbide overlays (CCO) for maximum wear resistance

Chromium carbide overlays on 1.5 m x 3 m and 1.8 m x 3 m plates, with additional sizes and customized overlay thickness available upon request. Standard overlays are:

  • Single pass: 3 mm or 6 mm overlay on 6 mm plate
  • Double pass: 6 mm overlay on 6 mm or 10 mm plate
  • Triple pass: 12.7 mm overlay on 12.7 mm plate
SSAB Steel Service Center Santiago
Steel coil

Plating from rolls

SSAB Steel Service Center Santiago is capable of receiving full steel rolls from our mills, converting them into flat plates at our facility. Since enables us to made plates to size, increasing flexibility while reducing scrap.


We can roll heavy-duty wear plate into rounded plate or cylinders as needed. Our equipment features 4 rollers, with the top, alloy-steel roller in 600mm width. The bottom, clamping roller has a width of 650 mm and its side rollers are 560 mm. Rolling speed in 5 meters per minute with an installed power of 150 HP.

Plating from rolls

Precision cutting and beveling of wear plates and tubes

  • 1 high-definition cutting machine with robotic heads, capable of cutting thickness from 3mm to 65mm.
  • CNC Oxycut: 5 straight-cut and bevel-cut oxyfuel machines for cutting thicknesses up to 200 mm and 2 circular machines.
  • CNC High-Definition for thickness of 3 mm to 150 mm, plus 2 manual plasma cutters with submerged arc.
  • 5 cutting tables, up to 3.5 x 14 mts
  • Preheating furnace for increased cutting speeds and reduced thermal stresses. High-speed, 4-burner, 250 Mcal/hour capable of heating 2 steel plates, 2,5 x 4 mts each, in 5 hours
Bending plate

Bending and folding

Our 1350-ton press brake is capable of:

  • Bending lengths up to 8.1 m
  • Distance between press columns is 6.15 m
  • Throat depth of 800 mm
  • Ram speed approach of 100 mm/second


Our expert, certified welders work on Hardox® wear plate, our CCO overlay materials, and other specialized SSAB steels all the time. So you are assured of weld integrity done to the most current SSAB recommendations and verified by ultrasonic testing.


The right materials for the job

We are experts in the processing of high-strength and special steels, like Strenx® performance steel, Hardox® wear plate or Duroxite® overlay.