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Reliable precision tubes improve lead time

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SSAB Form precision tubes

Case details

Country Finland
Company AB Varax-products Oy
Industry Industrial consumer products

Varax's vision is to become the leading manufacturer of metal yard and garden products in the Nordic countries. As a material supplier to Varax, SSAB supports this vision in the best possible way. High-quality tubular products, which are optimized for Varax’s production, enable an efficient and effective production process.

Case details

Country Finland
Company AB Varax-products Oy
Industry Industrial consumer products
SSAB bent precision tubes in garden swing

Garden swing Monica (photo courtesy VARAX-PRODUCTS)

SSAB and Varax have a long history together. OY Varax-Products AB has been purchasing its tubular materials from SSAB since the 1970s. As a domestic company, Varax relies on high-quality SSAB materials to guarantee high-quality end products. SSAB delivers precision tubes grades SSAB Form Tube 220 and SSAB Form Tube 500 to Varax.  Currently Varax's operations are divided into two different business areas. Varax Living is known to many as a domestic manufacturer of bat chairs and also for their diverse range of garden furniture. SSAB supplies Varax with tubular products for a number of different products, one example of which is garden swing Monika. Varax Solution provides subcontracting services for the metal industry, including for example powder coating, bending and robot welding.

Domesticity is an important value for Varax. They want the highest possible value of domesticity for their products. In addition to SSAB's domestic precision tubes used in production, their product design work is done in Finland, and all end products are also manufactured (except for wooden parts) at their own factory in Ähtävä. For this reason, their products have been awarded with the Key Flag symbol. The Key Flag symbol is awarded to products and services that are produced in Finland.

Continuous and consistent tube quality reduces testing and adjustment time. We can always rely on the SSAB's precision tubes homogenous quality. We know what we get when we order SSAB’s precision tubes. We can rely on the quality of the raw material and focus on what is important to us, ergo the production of high-quality subcontracting services and end products

Johan Backman, Production Manager

In its values, Varax emphasizes creativity and quality, among other things. They strive to continuously develop new methods and solutions, as well as to use the latest technology. SSAB's tubular production is also constantly striving to develop and offer new and innovative solutions to its customers and to support their development.

Varax also emphasizes quality, they strive to promote Finnish expertise and take steps to achieve the best quality. One of the main goals of SSAB's precision tube production is to offer its customers precision tube products with the best features on the market. In addition, the services provided by SSAB, such as exact lengths with precise length tolerances, are an absolute added advantage for deliveries.

One of the most important benefits we achieve by using SSAB's precision tubes is the quality of the end product. It is an honor for us to provide customers with high quality and durable products.

Annika Kukkola, Sales Manager

The cooperation between SSAB and Varax has been proficient for decades. As a supplier, SSAB is committed to supporting the realization of Varax's vision and values.

It is great to work with a customer who is constantly developing their operations and strives to be a leader in their field. Our long-term cooperation is based on mutual trust, and new ideas and areas for development are being considered together. ” Jukka Latvatalo - Sales Manager.

Varax and SSAB co-operation

Annika Kukkola, Timo Nyman, Jani Lundqvist from Varax and Jukka Latvatalo from SSAB.