Unleash your creativity with SSAB AM steel powder and additive manufacturing

SSAB AM steel powder for additive manufacturing makes the impossible possible. Challenge your imagination and create groundbreaking designs with high-strength steel powder and 3D printing.

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Additive manufacturing (AM) with SSAB AM steel powder gives you unique opportunities to produce weight-optimized steel parts. In traditional machining it’s common to remove up to 90% of the material. When designing for AM you only use the steel that is necessary for the part’s engineering function, resulting in a light and strong product.

All the properties of a high-strength steel

Parts made with SSAB AM steel powder have properties equivalent to a premium steel. You get an optimal combination of strength, impact toughness, and isotropy. Parts can be used in as-built condition, or after further heat treatment. The high density of the printed parts also makes them suitable for polishing to a high gloss, for example when using them as molds.

30% shorter cycle time in injection molding

Advanced cooling channels in the molds are made possible with steel powder and AM, speeding up production in plastic injection molding.

Top benefits of additive manufacturing (AM)

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1. Freedom of design

AM allows for the creation of complex and intricate geometries that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.

2. Minimal waste

In AM processes with steel powder, material is deposited layer by layer, minimizing waste and reducing material costs. Remaining powder is returned and used again.

3. Rapid prototyping

AM enables rapid prototyping, allowing for quick iterations and modifications of designs without the need for expensive tooling changes.

4. Reduced tooling costs

Since AM doesn't require molds or dies, it reduces tooling costs, especially for low-volume or custom productions.

5. Consolidation of parts

Complex parts can often be printed as a single piece, reducing the need for assembly and fasteners.

6. On-demand manufacturing

AM enables on-demand and localized manufacturing, reducing the need for extensive inventories.

7. Spare parts production

Many industries can benefit from AM production of spare parts, reducing storage costs and ensuring a continuous supply chain.

8. Sustainability

By minimizing waste and enabling local production, AM can contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint from manufacturing processes.

Making the ideal powder

SSAB AM is a gas atomized steel powder tailored for ideal properties for AM technologies to ensure a trouble-free use. The steel powder is produced by breaking up high quality molten steel by inert gas, producing spherical powder with excellent flow properties and powder size.

The world's first consumer product made using fossil-free steel powder

A cooperation between SSAB and the Swedish watch maker TRIWA resulted in the watch ‘Time for Decarbonization’. It's made with fossil-free steel powder from SSAB using metal injection molding technology.

"It is not unusual for up to 50 to 75 percent of the original metal to be lost as waste during traditional manufacturing. This is not the case in additive manufacturing, where only the metal needed for the powder is used."

Robert Larsson, Product Manager Powder at SSAB Special Steel

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