Technical Development Support

Want to cut production costs by 20% or more? Or make your applications easier to manufacture, able to carry more payload, last longer and require less maintenance?

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Our design and development experts at SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center stand ready to help. Going beyond traditional support, we collaborate closely with customers to develop products and processes that work for their business.

From idea to innovation

Every year, our materials and design experts meet thousands of customers through technical seminars, courses and development projects. Through these interactions, we better learn how to make your products deliver more value. We then tailor our support to each customer and each solution. So it’s not surprising that more than 75% of our customers decide to work with us on development projects.

Our support and services cover the entire development chain, from design to choice of material, wear calculations, workshop support and production efficiency recommendations.

Ways we support you:

  • Material selection
  • Modeling, forming
  • Simulations
  • Fatigue and wear calculations
  • Workshop support and recommendations
  • Production efficiency support

Prototyping and verification

As your design enters the prototyping and production start-up phase, our specialists at the Knowledge Service Center help ensure a smooth production process. They can even provide you with trial material for testing, to help make sure your production start-up is efficient and successful.

Ways we support you:

  • Welding recommendations
  • Forming recommendations
  • Tooling advice
  • Workshop verification
  • Trial material

Industrialization and production

When manufacturing products made from high-strength steel, you’ll want a stable and effective production process. Backed by their long experience on the shop floor, our experts can answer your questions about forming and joining, or provide insight into new production techniques, equipment or other related issues.

Ways we support you:

  • Industrialization support and problem solving
  • Forming and joining recommendations
  • Advice on new production techniques

Sales and marketing

Besides supporting your design and development efforts, we provide valuable training and support to help bring your high-strength steel products to market — and help you do better business. Our comprehensive support combined with our co-branding programs enable you to leverage the benefits of our trusted brands and maximize your sales and marketing efforts.

Ways we support you:

  • Product branding programs
  • Training and seminars
  • Technical support