10 reasons to use GreenCoat®

1. Unique combination of steel and coating

GreenCoat® products have SSAB Nordic quality steel in the substrate, which is recognized worldwide as one of the best steels available on the market. All of our coatings have excellent technical properties. On top, most GreenCoat® products have a Bio-based Technology (BT) coating using Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil fuel oil
Leading, patented technology for greener living

2. Leading technology using Swedish rapeseed oil

Most of the GreenCoat® products feature a Bio-based Technology (BT) coating with a substantial portion of the traditional fossil oil replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil, making them the only coatings on the market with a high bio-renewable content. All of our products are of course fully compliant with the REACH regulations. These benefits reduce environmental impact and allow for greener living.
Long lasting, superior surface for any weather

3. Long lasting, superior surface for any weather

GreenCoat® products provide high color retention and long lasting finishes that resist rust, white rust and UV radiation as well as scratches and the build-up of dirt, for reduced maintenance.
Excellent formability – even by hand

4. Excellent formability – even by hand

GreenCoat® products are highly formable and can easily be pressed, bent, cut, punched and profiled, allowing for the creation of complex shapes.

5. Wide color offering

GreenCoat® is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and exclusive finishes, with custom colors available.

Formable down to -15° C

6. Formable down to -15° C

Some GreenCoat® products can be formed at temperatures below zero, allowing for year round installation and lower costs.
Color repeatability

7. Color repeatability

GreenCoat® products offer coatings with tight color tolerances ensuring batch-to-batch color consistency.

Rigorous outdoor testing

8. Rigorous outdoor testing

Over 40 years of extensive outdoor testing at sites located worldwide ensure that GreenCoat® products withstand the harshest weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, saltwater, ice, UV radiation, high humidity and storms.

Ensuring quality through real outdoor testing is a priority for SSAB and, therefore, we go far beyond what is required by the EU regulations.

The cleanest steel

9. The cleanest steel

GreenCoat® products are made from Nordic quality steels that are among the cleanest in the world with the tightest tolerances and best consistency.
Guaranteed performance

10. Guaranteed performance

GreenCoat® products all come with extensive performance and finish guarantees.

Select GreenCoat® from a wide choice of building applications for your project:


Roofs have to deal with Mother Nature´s every mood. A steel roof is a natural choice standing strong against the toughest weather requirements.


Create expressive steel façades using standing seam systems, profiles, sandwich panels or cassettes/lamellas.

Rainwater systems

Rainwater systems contribute to the look of the overall building. Steel rainwater systems are a perfect match for all types of roofs.