About SSAB

SSAB is a global steel company with a leading position in high-strength steels and related services. We aim to be the first, in 2026, to offer fossil-free steel to the market and largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations in around 2030.


As an employee at SSAB, you will have the opportunity to work in a rapidly changing steel company. Where we strive for a diverse and inclusive environment driven by an entrepreneurial spirit for continuous improvement - Welcome to SSAB!


SSAB’s main financial objective is to reach industry leading profitability and to generate solid cash flows, enabling further debt reduction and shareholder dividends.


Our suppliers are key in bringing us closer to our vision of a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Being a supplier to SSAB however comes with a great responsibility within everything from sustainability and safety to working with cost improvements.


Everything we do is aimed at creating a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Sustainability is a central driving force for both us and our customers.

Fossil-free steel

If you think sustainable steel production sounds like a contradiction in terms, you probably have a point. But now, it’s time for a change.