Industries & solutions

SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan delivers parts and details made of Hardox® wear plate, Toolox® tool and engineering steel and Strenx® performance steel for demanding applications. Here are a few examples:


Mining Equipment

SAG mill liners, Ball mill liners, Cone crusher segments and hammers all benefit from Hardox® wear plate for a longer life span and less maintenance. We deliver parts and components ready for assembly.


City tippers

Hardox® wear plate, delivered bent and cut from customer requirements.


Offroad tippers

Heavy duty use, often in a demanding environment. Weight reduction and durability is essential for our customers. SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan mainly deliver cut and bent Hardox® wear plate parts for these applications and components.


Large buckets

Cutting edges manufactured by thick Hardox® wear plate for longer life span and less maintenance. We perform a demanding machining process giving added value to our customers.

lifting equipment

Lifting equipment

Strength and weight are often crucial. We deliver Tension bars made of Strenx® performance steel ready to use in special cranes as well as parts for other lifting applications.

recycling shredder


The recycling industry is growing rapidly worldwide. From Kunshan we deliver recycling knives, shredders and other details that can handle tough wear.