Hardox In My Body members
Hardox In My Body members

Take your business to the next level

As a member of the Hardox® In My Body community you get direct, prioritized access to SSAB’s resources for design and manufacturing with Hardox® wear plate. Collaborating with SSAB will help strengthen your position on the market. If you’re an SSAB customer and use Hardox® wear steel today, we encourage you to explore the benefits of becoming a member. Together we will make your business and equipment perform on the next level.

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Hardox® In My Body sign

Get the most out of your membership

In collaboration between program members and SSAB, Hardox® In My Body aims to be a community of members who build highly productive equipment that helps reduce emissions during the use phase through lighter structures and long-term durability.

Hardox® In My Body member benefits:

  • Proof to your customers that their equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • All Hardox® In My Body certified products have guaranteed traceability and authenticity
  • Hardox® In My Body branded equipment is often easier to sell
  • Faster expansion to new markets
  • Higher resale value
  • Enhanced promotion in digital channels
Technical support

Leverage the latest knowledge

Hardox® In My Body manufacturers gain priority access to SSAB’s expertise in material technology, applications and manufacturing methods – which rapidly translates into better products for your customers.

Hardox® In My Body member benefits:

  • Innovation support from SSAB Knowledge Service Center
  • Priority access to technical training and seminars
  • Design and manufacturing advice for high-strength steels
  • Support for business development
  • WearCalc and WeldCalc calculation tools.
Optimize your use of Hardox® wear plate

Optimize your use of Hardox® wear plate

In its nearly 50 years as the leading wear steel, Hardox® steel shows no signs of slowing down. Stay updated on all the new grades, such as Hardox® 500 Tuf and Hardox® HiAce.

Hardox In My Body® member benefits:

  • Priority access to the latest innovations in wear steel
  • First-hand information on upcoming launches
  • Advice on the choice of most suitable grades
  • Recommendations for all kinds of processing of Hardox®.

Reach out to your customers

Take full advantage of your Hardox® In My Body membership! Remind your current customers and reach out to potential customers with the power of the sign of quality. We support you with a wide range of information and communication tools only available to members, such as point of sales material, exhibition support, brochures, flags, customized roll-ups and e-banners.
Taking quality to the next level

A higher level of performance

Only equipment that has been certified to meet the strictest standards of quality in design and fabrication may display the Hardox® In My Body sign. The sign is an acknowledgement of our members’ dedication to providing high-quality, high-performing and cost-efficient products.

Global recognition

The Hardox® In My Body sign on a product is a confirmation of quality, performance, reliability and productivity for customers everywhere. The strong community of members makes the program even more valuable. The more customers learn the value of certified products, the easier it is for members to stand out as trustworthy manufacturers of equipment on a higher level.

Certified Hardox® In My Body equipment

Does your business demand equipment that perform on a higher level? A Hardox® In My Body member knows how to make them strong, productive and long lasting. Look for equipment designed and manufactured by members to make the most out of Hardox® wear plate, the world’s No. 1 wear steel!

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