Tailored sections open up new possibilities

SSAB’s cold-formed, high quality open sections are made from high quality steel grades and they meet the requirements of EN10162.

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All section products are manufactured using high quality and clean steel from our own SSAB steel mills. Toijala Works has specialized on tailored sections. The chosen steel grade and product and be altered without any difficulties to match your needs. Using SSAB’s roll-formed products gives the customer many benefits for example accuracy of the cross-sectional form, shape can be designed based on the customer’s needs and variety of material qualities. Also roll-forming is a cost effective production method.

Utilization of tailored sections is beneficial in various segments such as construction, transportation, agriculture, lifting & handling and industrial application.


Wide variety of steel grades

SSAB has a wide variety of different steel grades. Having such a variety of steel grades gives Toijala Works the possibility to save weight with required strength and sufficient bending strength. Toijala Works can work from SSAB Domex Section 235 up to Strenx900MC. Material can be hot-rolled and hot-rolled pickled, cold rolled, galvanized or stainless steel.


You can find the available dimensions in the product pages

SSAB Domex Sections

SSAB Weathering Sections

Strenx® Section 650MC

Strenx® Section 700MC

Strenx® Section 900MC

Endless selection of shapes

The choice of steel section shapes are endless. SSAB can produce thousands of different shapes. Material is available up to 12.5 mm thickness in lengths varying from 0.4 m to 21 m. Section can be a combination of different shapes and sizes. A steel and shape exactly matching your needs provides significant weight and cost savings. Toijala Works also offers fixed lengths for roll formed products. The possible lengths are mostly limited by the bundle handling and transportation. Maximum length is 21 meters. Optimizing the lengths will help you to avoid the scrap in your own production.


Custom hole patterns

There are three possibilities to manufacture hole patterns to roll-formed steel sections

  • holes can be punched to strip before forming
  • punched to section after forming but before cutting
  • made in separately with punching or laser

In addition, it is possible to produce continuous punching to the product, create different size and shaped holes with different placement and hole distance.

custom hole patterns
trapezoidal sections

A highly effective way to brace steel plate structures Using trapezoidal sections in superstructure bridge design, especially in the orthotropic deck, improves overall bridge economy by enabling structures to be optimized.

Benefits of using trapezoidal sections:

  • Long lengths without welding joints
  • Good accuracy in cross-sectional dimensions and straightness
  • Excellent surface quality, lower costs on surface treatment
top rails

Ready-made top rail solutions from SSAB Shape provide you with components designed specifically for tippers and containers and made from Strenx® 700 MC high strength steel. The designs are tested and verified, and provide a high quality top rail that allows for a lighter, tougher and more competitive end product.

Roll-formed top rails give you:

  • Ready-made components on a serial production scale
  • Increased capacity in your workshop
  • Better cost-efficiency
  • Good cross-section accuracy
  • High resistance to dents and wear through Strenx® 700 high strength steel
  • Very narrow straightness tolerances

Webinar: SSAB's Tailored sections open up new possibilities

Watch the webinar about the wide variety of possibilities our customers have when utilizing tailoring possibilities we offer in our SSAB Toijala Works. You can utilize these tailoring possibilities in optimization of steel sections.