Certified Fabricators
Certified Fabricators

Introducing Strenx® Certified Fabricator. Your partner for performance

Strenx® Certified Fabricator is a new network for manufacturers with a proven ability to provide OEMs with state-of-the-art steel components and prefabricated structures in Strenx® performance steel.

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Bringing out the full potential of Strenx® steel

Strenx® Certified Fabricators know how to process Strenx® high-strength steel for your high-performing equipment in transport, lifting, agriculture and other advanced load-bearing applications. We will be a trusted partner to your own manufacturing, delivering the right Strenx® steel parts when you need them.

Bringing out the full potential of Strenx

Perfect fit for your production

Strenx® Certified Fabricators have the necessary experience and workshop equipment to process Strenx® performance steel at the highest level, whatever type of processing is required. All Strenx® Certified Fabricators have access to technical support from SSAB on material choice and manufacturing techniques. 

Support from innovation to final product

Based on our knowledge of Strenx® performance steel and processing know-how, Strenx® Certified Fabricators will give valuable contributions to the design and manufacturing of equipment for higher quality and more cost-efficient assembly of the final product. Strenx® Certified Fabricators can also be a partner in upgrading projects.

Strenx® high-strength structural steel

Stronger and lighter equipment is the core promise when working with Strenx® performance steel. Due to its high yield strength, Strenx® steel can be used in thinner dimensions which reduces weight without compromising the equipment’s structural integrity. Strenx® steel ensures reliable performance thanks to its highly consistent properties as well as guarantees for flatness, thickness and bending performance.

One off or serial production.

A Strenx® Certified Fabricator will deliver


We have powerful bending equipment and work with premium Strenx® steel which has carefully controlled bending properties for fast and reliable production of quality parts.


We have the expertise and equipment necessary for drilling, turning, and milling of Strenx® high-strength structural steel.

Serial production

As an OEM supplier / sub-supplier we have full resources for serial production of parts and components, making us a highly effective partner in your supply chain.  

G. E. Mathis Company first on board

We were happy to welcome G. E. Mathis Company as the first Strenx® Certified Fabricator. This Chicago-based precision metal fabricator has an impressive track record in the processing of high-strength steel. Becoming a Strenx® Certified Fabricator confirms its excellence in manufacturing and its commitment to a world-class structural steel, Strenx® performance steel.

G.E. Mathis is a Strenx certified fabricator

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