Hollow sections – build a stronger future with less steel

Whether you're building an industrial building, agricultural equipment, bridge, multistore facility, crane or other load-bearing structure, you’ll be building a strong foundation with SSAB hollow structural sections – while slashing the structure’s weight, saving on materials and costs, and innovating your designs for the future.

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SSAB structural hollow sections

Get more strength with less steel. Cold-formed, welded structural hollow sections (SHS) with high strength-to-weight ratios give you exceptional structural support. Choose from round, square or rectangular hollow tubes in the broadest range of sizes and thicknesses to fit your needs, with value-added properties available.

SSAB Domex tubes

SSAB Domex® Tubes

SSAB Domex® Tubes give you high-strength hollow sections in an unbeatable combination of wide dimensional range, batch-to-batch consistency and customization potential. We can deliver the tube you need, whether it's mild steel or high-strength 550MH. Our double-grade hollow sections are specially designed for construction purposes, combining steel grades S420MH and S355J2H.

SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade
SSAB Domex Tube 460MH
SSAB Domex Tube 500MH
SSAB Domex Tube 550MH

SSAB Strenx tube

Strenx® Tubes

With Strenx® Tubes, you get the most advanced structural hollow steel tubes in the market. They help you reach higher, carry bigger loads, reach longer spans or improve your products. Proven applications include lifting and transport equipment, frame and lattice structures, and trusses and columns.

Strenx Tube 700MLH
Strenx Tube 700QLH
Strenx Tube 900MH
Strenx Tube 960MH
Strenx Tube 960QLH

SSAB Weathering tubes

SSAB Weathering Tubes

If you’re looking for low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant hollow sections with a high sustainability profile, turn to SSAB Weathering steel tubes. A great choice for minimizing total life cycle costs in long-lasting bridges, transport equipment, outdoor art and other structures.

SSAB Weathering Tube 355WH
SSAB Weathering Tube 500WH

Boron Tube 24

SSAB Boron 24 Tubes

With its superior cleanliness and fine-grain microstructure, SSAB Boron Tube allows for critical forming operations, such as punching, shearing, and stamping – in as-rolled condition – with minimized risk of microcracking. Quenching in oil or in water-polymer solutions works equally well, with the latter providing additional environmental benefits. SSAB Boron steel minimizes or eliminates the need for tempering after quenching, reducing energy costs and manufacturing time.

SSAB Boron 24 Tubes

High-strength hollow sections for stronger, lighter steel trusses

Looking for lightweight, long-span and load-bearing in your structural applications? SSAB’s hollow sections can bring you cost and weight savings in bridge and building trusses, especially in a hybrid truss design combining mild and high-strength steels.

Trusses with hybrid design

SSAB Domex® Tube also available in imperial dimensions

You can also now take advantage of the excellent properties of products in the SSAB Domex® Tube offering in imperial dimensions. Download the imperial dimensions chart for SSAB Domex® Tube Double Grade structural hollow sections.

6 reasons to choose Tubular products from SSAB

consistent quality

Consistent quality

improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

increase payload

Increase payload

own steel

Own steel

Reduce weight

Reduce weight

Save time

Save time

EPD – An important tool in your sustainability work

What is the environmental impact of structural hollow sections throughout the whole lifecycle? You can find this out in SSAB’s environmental product declarations, EPDs.




Get your hands on our free handbooks! Our handbooks on hollow sections provide in-depth theoretical information and step-by-step methods for efficient and optimized building design in accordance to the EN1993 Euro code. We also have the most comprehensive existing structural hollow section handbook on how to utilize high strength steels of up to 700MPa.

FrameCalc design tool

Design tool

With our design tool, creating new designs quickly and accurately just got easier. FrameCalc is a fast and easy software program for designing trusses made of hollow sections. This tool is free of charge and so simple to use.


Webinars and downloads

Join our experts and learn more about SSAB’s tubular steel offering with our online training. You’ll also get on-demand access to recorded webinars and more information about tubular products in a downloadable format.

Customer cases

Technical Articles

Mar 11
Technical article

Enhanced FrameCalc and new FrameFEM designer tools

SSAB has released a new version of FrameCalc optimization tool where the solver is completely new. SSAB has also released new design tool FrameFEM convenient for more detailed analysis of tubular structures. Both of the applications in FrameX family are provided with web-based user interface designed for enhanced ease of use.

Mar 8
Technical article

Tubular ECI – a new process for standardized implementation of exceptional products

SSAB made significant improvements in the development of digital sales support processes

Mar 7
Technical article

SSAB offering tubular products in imperial dimensions

The SSAB Domex tube’s wide dimensional range is available also in imperial dimensions. SSAB’s own raw material, wider dimensional range, excellent quality gives more opportunities and benefits to design.

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