Strenx preformance steel for agriculture industry
Strenx preformance steel for agriculture industry

High strength steel for agricultural equipment

Increase profits and yields with stronger yet lighter agricultural equipment that stands up to harsh conditions, season after season. When you choose Strenx® performance steel for your equipment, you can boost efficiency, refuel less often and harvest more crops per acre in less time.

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reduced weight

Reduce weight

increased payload

Increase payload

use less fuel

Use less fuel

improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

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Sprayer with Strenx® Performance steel


The total length of a sprayer boom can be well over 40 meters. This puts extreme demands on the weight and rigidity of the equipment to keep the boom stable while maintaining the constant distance from the ground.
Harvester with Strenx® Performance steel


Harvesters are tending to become more comprehensive and wider to be more cost-effective and cover more acres per hour. This can be achieved by using high-strength steel in all the structural parts.
Wagon with Strenx® Performance steel

Agricultural trailers

Agricultural trailers made of Strenx® in thinner dimensions than conventional steel become both stronger and lighter. If you are looking for steel for trailer chassis, look no further than Strenx® performance steel.
Plow with Strenx® Performance steel


Plowing and cultivating in hard soil puts a heavy strain on farming equipment. The high strength of Strenx® performance steel makes plows and cultivators work more effectively.
Telehandler with Strenx® Performance steel


With its high strength-to-weight ratio, Strenx® can help your telehandlers handle nearly anything. Extend reach and boost lifting capacity while maintaining the strength, stability, and safety of the vehicle.

Strenx® performance steel in agriculture

  • Get equipment that is stronger yet lighter, with extended boom reach and working width at lower mass
  • More productive and safe operation, with fewer passes and better fuel economy
  • Strong for withstanding the harsh agriculture environment
  • Durable for less maintenance and longer service life

Over the past 20 years, agriculture has been facing many challenges and changes. The average farm size has increased, and farming activities are more intensive. Therefore, it is not surprising that the equipment in these operations has also grown in size and weight. Unfortunately, these mega machines can cause soil compaction and long-term harvest reductions.

Sustainable farming is using high-strength steels to provide lighter, stronger, and more efficient solutions. SSAB's special steels can help make your machinery up to 30–50% lighter without compromising durability. Become part of the new generation in farming with high-performing, durable and lighter equipment.

Just steel? Or the future of farming?

Forget everything you know about traditional steel. With Strenx® performance steel, your farming equipment can be both stronger and lighter – having a direct positive impact on your crop yield, fuel consumption and environmental impact. Rethink farming with Strenx®.

Strenx® performance steel for agriculture trailers

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Fully modular design requires no welding for longer service life
  • Extraordinary capacity up to 62.000 liters (13.640 gallons)

Watch this video about agricultural tippers and learn how Strenx® Performance Steel can reduce your energy costs and lower your fuel consumption.

Customer cases

Strenx® customer case Equalizer

Equalizer – Striking a balance

Strenx® customer case Agro-Masz

Heavy-duty plows from AGRO-MASZ

My Inner Strenx®

My Inner Strenx®

My Inner Strenx® is a program for manufacturers who possess the drive to make the best possible products using Strenx® performance steel. It’s also a way for operators and end users to identify producers and products made with superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques for their demanding applications.
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Predictable production

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