Development and Trainee Programs

The Technical Development

The Technical Development Program in brief

What is SSAB's Technical Development Program

  • A Nordic trainee program for newly graduated MSc engineering students with a technical interest
  • The program is fulltime and lasts for approx. 1,5 years, with a total of four position annually in Sweden and Finland

  • The program is designed in blocks based on SSAB's core technical areas: process, product and application development
  • First started in 2013, the program is run by SSAB’s Global R6D organization
  • The program is certified by

Business Development Program

Would you like to work in a friendly work environment characterized by passionate, interested and knowledgeable employees? Would you like to work with key strategic projects and create opportunities for an exciting future career within SSAB?
Business Development

European Graduate Program

SSAB is taking the lead in decarbonizing the steel industry, this is the beginning of a transformation that can drive sustainability in ways we can only begin to imagine. To be able to manage this journey towards the future we need a strong and driven workforce that believes in it's mission and want to contribute and we are seeking for those persons via our SSAB European Graduate Program.