Steel service center employees.
Steel service center employees.

This is SSAB Steel Service Center Oborniki

As a part of the global steel company SSAB we have a strong focus on high-strength, wear resistant and special steels. The SSAB product program contains Strenx, Hardox, Docol, SSAB Domex, SSAB Laser, Multisteel, Duroxite and several other brands. They are all developed by SSAB, a large, innovative steel company. SSAB is since decades a world leading steel producer and our products are often known for being best in class.

We are not just a supplier of ready to weld parts, but an integral link in the production and value chain of our customers. By living the SSAB vision, we not only produce parts from the best steels in the world, but help our customers with product design, production flow optimization, reduction of scrap, and logistic solutions.

We are experts in the processing of high-strength and special steels, like Strenx® performance steel, Hardox® wear plate, Domex®, Docol® the automotive steel, SSAB Laser® or Multisteel.

We are a local and flexible unit of a strong global company, combining the strengths of a local facility and strong global presence.

Our facility is located nearby Poznan, in Oborniki – a central logistic position for customers in Poland, Germany, Russian Federation, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Croatia and many other countries.

We use 17 000m2 in production halls and 10 000m2 for outdoor storage area, dispatching more than 5000 trucks every year, carrying more than 45 000 tons to more than 1000 customers – and we do this as team of 100 committed professionals.

We’ve been operating since 2007 and we believe that we still have a long journey ahead to make the world stronger, lighter and more sustainable, together with our customers.

In our machine park we focus on advanced, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly equipment – read more in the Steel Processing section.

Photo of Paweł Baran

Paweł Baran

mobile: +48 882 438 488
mail: [email protected]


Photo of Łukasz Nowak

Łukasz Nowak

mobile: +48 502 190 903
mail: [email protected]


Photo of Piotr Gorzko

Piotr Gorzko

mobile: +48 516 007 348
[email protected]


Photo of Arkadiusz Dłubała

Arkadiusz Dłubała

mobile: +48 604 105 125
mail: [email protected]


Photo of Wojciech Szczeciński

Wojciech Szczeciński

mobile: +48 604 185 567
mail: [email protected]


Photo of Kamil Trojnar

Kamil Trojnar

mobile: +48 604 102 375
mail: [email protected]


Agnieszka Starek

Agnieszka Starek

mobile: +48 698 674 895
mail: [email protected]


Photo of Marek Hołda

Marek Hołda

mobile: +48 662 090 276
mail: [email protected]


Photo of Michał Tatarowicz

Michał Tatarowicz

mobile: +48 516 007 319
mail: [email protected]


Marcin Pieszczuch

Marcin Pieszczuch

mobile: +48 608 704 744
mail: [email protected]


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