Expressive steel façades with GreenCoat®
Expressive steel façades with GreenCoat®

Create expressive steel façades with GreenCoat®

Shape and style façades using standing seam systems, profiles, sandwich panels or cassettes made from sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steels. GreenCoat® products are highly UV- and scratch resistant, offer high color retention and are easy to bend and cut. They come with an up-to 50-year technical and an up-to 25-year aesthetic guarantee.

Selection of GreenCoat® color coated steel façades

Standing seam systems for façades made from GreenCoat®

Standing seam systems for façades

Standing seam systems made from GreenCoat® color coated steel offer not only high aesthetics, but also high durability for façades. GreenCoat® products can be shaped, cut and altered in every way. Some GreenCoat® products can even be formed by hand with no “spring-back” and are workable at temperatures as low as -15°C, unlike most other metals. These benefits allow for cost-efficient, year-round steel façade installation.

Profiles for façades made from GreenCoat®

Profiles for façades

GreenCoat® products are widely used in sinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles for façades. They are easy to form into any shape and offer high durability. Façade profiles are cost-effective to install and provide a lot of freedom for expression thanks to the different designs and combinations.

Sandwich panels for façades made from GreenCoat®

Sandwich panels for façades

Steel sandwich panels are widely used for façades in warehouses, logistics centers, production plants, office buildings and commercial centers. Due to its easy processing, lightweight and high quality, GreenCoat® color coated steels can be used for any sandwich panel if it is made with mineral wool or PIR-core. They enable safe, easy and fast façade installation.

Cassettes/lamellas for façades made from GreenCoat®

Cassettes/lamellas for façades

Steel cassettes and lamellas for façades offer a wide variety of shapes to accentuate the surface division. GreenCoat® products are used in both cassettes and lamellas to ensure high aesthetics and durability. They also give architects and builders a wide selection of colors to choose from to fit their building and façade design.

Why steel façades?

Steel is one of the few materials that offer a 100 % closed recycling loop. This means that it can be used repeatedly and efficiently, without affecting its properties or performance – and without creating hazardous waste.

Steel is also easy to repurpose and reuse. It is easy to form, bend and cut in various ways. It offers the lowest thermal expansion of all metals, making it less susceptible to buckling, cracking and overall weakening. Plus, steel can bond with various other metals, allowing for a wide range of creativity and innovative designs.

For cost-effective manufacturing solutions and creative designs, steel façades are the best choice.  

GreenCoat® Partner Network

Offers ready-made to custom-made steel façade solutions.

GreenCoat® – Nordic quality steel and bio-based coatings

Steel façades from GreenCoat® are made with premium Nordic quality steel from SSAB in the substrate, with most featuring a bio-based coating using a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil.

This unique solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly –  and makes the GreenCoat® product portfolio the market’s greenest offer for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

GreenCoat® products comply with current REACH regulations, are completely free of chromates and are all manufactured according to EN 10169 +A1.

Steel façades from GreenCoat® are made with premium Nordic quality steel from SSAB in the substrate
GreenCoat® colour coated steels for façades are available in more than 400 colours

A wide range of GreenCoat® colors

GreenCoat® color coated steels for façades are available in more than 400 colors and offer different finishes from matt and gloss to metallic appearances. You will find our top 28 colors, collected from architects and builders, on our GreenCoat® color page. We recommend that you order your GreenCoat® sample for correct color reproduction.

Award-winning steel façades made from GreenCoat®

Fisksätra Folkets Hus with GreenCoat® façades

Fisksätra Folkets Hus

Designed by renown Swedish architect, Thomas Sandell, from Sandellsandberg Arkitekter, this building serves as a community and recreation center for its residents. Thomas Sandell chose GreenCoat® color coated steel because of its durability and material flexibility to create distinct shapes for both the façade and roof. The sustainability of GreenCoat® color coated steels also played an important role in his choice.

Fjärilen with GreenCoat® façades


Färilen (the butterfly), designed by renown Swedish architect, Rahel Belatchew, from Belatchew Arkitekter, is a unique apartment building in Uppsala. Rahel Belatchew chose to focus on details, like a façade shift, by using a vertical panel design. Keeping in mind the key goal of using building materials with a low environmental impact, GreenCoat® color coated steel was chosen.