Research and development

SSAB's expertise in high-strength steels is based on continuous and focused research and development.

SSAB’s R&D model has long since been built on close collaboration and an understanding of both customer and end-user needs. With this well-established model, we continuously introduce new steel products, application possibilities and services.

SSAB’s R&D organization plays a key role for the development of our production processes, in building a strong product portfolio and technical know-how supporting our customers to fully utilize the potential of our steels. We are constantly striving for the effective use of resources in producing and using steel.

Market driven R&D

Our R&D activities aim for SSAB products being the first choice of customers worldwide and setting the standard for performance in selected market segments. R&D activities take place throughout the development chain; from production processes to products and into customer applications. Many of our employees in R&D hold doctorate degrees and we have long-term, strategic collaboration with strong academic partners, universities and research institutes.

R&D facilities

  • Borlänge and Oxelösund (Sweden)
  • Raahe and Hämeenlinna (Finland)
  • Montpelier (Iowa, US)

SSAB key factors for successful R&D

  • Market-driven
  • Qualified and skilled employees
  • Effective portfolio and project management
  • Focus on effective problem-solving
  • Work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation
  • Strong external partner network

SSAB works both directly with OEMs, subcontractors and end-users through our own sales force and via distributors, as opposed to many steel companies, who sell products only via distributors. We support our customers in developing better and more competitive products, helping end-users to increase productivity and thereby to reduce costs during the usage phase.

To remain at the forefront in the industry, SSAB will continue to invest in research and development, technical customer support and joint innovation initiatives to get the most out of SSAB’s market offering.