Corporate identity and brands

SSAB counts the company’s reputation and brands among our most valuable assets. All company brands share the same parent brand: SSAB.

SSAB stands for sustainability and performance. We work together with our customers to develop new and better solutions in all parts of the value chain. Our ultimate goal is to improve the sustainability and performance of our customers’ products and processes. 

SSAB works with multiple brands and channels with a comprehensive offering in high-strength and wear steels from high-end branded products to more commercial grades.

Product brands

SSAB has a strong end-user focus and a product brand strategy that allows customers to benefit from strong product brands.

SSAB has two product brands with unique global market position: Hardox® Wear Plate and Strenx® Performance Steel. 

Hardox® is a global leading brand of wear steels designed for maximum payload and longer service life. Strenx® is a brand covering structural steel products designed for sustainable and lightweight solutions. A Hardox® In My Body logo on a product verifies that it has been manufactured using Hardox® wear steel and not an inferior imitation. My Inner Strenx® represents a quality certification for applications that use Strenx steels.

Other SSAB’s product brands include: Docol®, Toolox®, Armox® and GreenCoat®. SSAB also has a wear steel brand, Raex™, which is sold through distributors. Additionally, the six SSAB branded product groups are:  

  • SSAB Domex®
  • SSAB Form
  • SSAB Weathering
  • SSAB Boron
  • SSAB Laser®
  • SSAB Multisteel
brand management structure

SSAB’s two subsidiaries have their own corporate brands:

  • Tibnor is the leading Nordic supplier of steel, other metals and processing services
  • Ruukki Construction has retained the Ruukki brand and logo after the merger in 2014 between SSAB and Finnish company Rautaruukki, which used the marketing name Ruukki