Expert processing and fabricating of custom wear parts made of Hardox® wear plate

At Hardox® Wearparts Center UAE, we assure that SSAB’s best practices are followed during the processing and fabricating of Hardox® wear plates, Strenx® structural steels, and Duroxite® overlays into wear parts — delivering wear performance upgrades that can greatly increase your equipment’s service life and production availability.

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Including abrasive water jet (AWJ), laser (up to 25 mm thickness), oxy-fuel, plasma (up to 20 mm thickness), as well as portable cutting machines for onsite work.



Including press brake bending in widths up to 9 m and roll bending in widths up to 4 m.



Including CNC drilling and milling, radial drilling (< 500 HB), and traditional milling (< 500 HB).



Including MAG/MIG, SAW, and stud welding of components or complete assemblies.

Wear services

Wear advisory services

Our mechanical engineers can take onsite measurements of your wear parts, then create drawings for your approval and the re-manufacturing of the parts. We can also help you determine the wear rate of your parts, then make specific design and wear material recommendations based on your goals for equipment service life and production availability.

additional services

Additional wear parts services