Multi grade, multi standard steel for all your needs

The SSAB Multisteel portfolio is available in a range of grades with a thickness from 5 to 150 mm, and a strength of 355 MPa.

SSAB Multisteel gives you unrivalled flexibility

Multisteel is the ideal solution for suppliers and constructors that require multiple steel options with a high workability, but don’t want to tie up finances in large stockpiles.

SSAB Multisteel has excellent properties for forming, machining and welding. With narrow tolerances, it provides long lasting quality that meets many of the European and US standards for structural, shipbuilding and pressure vessel steel.

Order SSAB Multisteel here

Multisteel hot rolled steel grades are available from stock or mill. You can also order a trial delivery for testing in your production.  Your local service contact will answer any questions about ordering and shipping, delivery times, marking and packing.

Service included

If you have any questions once you’ve received your Multisteel shipment, our technical team will be happy to oblige.

Hot rolled plate

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    Product Name Dimensions Standards Datasheet
    SSAB Multisteel HS T: 5.00 - 150.00 mmT: 0.197 - 5.9055 in NV, LR, AB, BV, Rina, PC, EN 10025-2

    SSAB Multisteel HS

    SSAB Multisteel PA T: 6.00 - 90.00 mmT: 0.236 - 3.543 in ASME SA516, ASTM A516

    SSAB Multisteel PA

    SSAB Multisteel PE T: 6.00 - 150.00 mmT: 0.236 - 5.9055 in EN 10028-3

    SSAB Multisteel PE

    SSAB Multisteel PEA T: 6.00 - 50.00 mmT: 0.236 - 1.969 in ASME SA516, ASTM A516, EN 10028-3

    SSAB Multisteel PEA

    SSAB Multisteel PES T: 5.00 - 150.00 mmT: 0.197 - 5.9055 in EN 10025-2, EN 10028-3

    SSAB Multisteel PES

    SSAB Multisteel SN T: 5.00 - 150.00 mmT: 0.197 - 5.9055 in EN 10025-2

    SSAB Multisteel SN

    SSAB Multisteel SNL T: 5.00 - 150.00 mmT: 0.197 - 5.9055 in EN 10025-2, EN 10025-3

    SSAB Multisteel SNL

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