High performing organization

A high-performing organization is one of the key elements in SSAB’s strategy and an essential enabler for achieving our strategic targets. In order to achieve our goals, we need the right employees with the right skills in the right positions at the right time.

High-performing organization

A high-performing organization provides us with a structure that helps to align our actions, behaviors and skills with our strategic direction and the competencies needed by the business. We have four main priorities toward achieving this:

  • Improve safety with the focus to be the safest steel company in the world
  • Enhance productivity by continuous improvements
  • Strengthen our performance culture
  • Develop leadership and employee engagement

At SSAB, we strongly encourage employees to take responsibility for their career development in line with their own interests and wishes in taking on diverse challenges. Annual talent management actions include solid processes such as performance dialogues, where managers discuss career development and set personal development plans for employees.