Toolox® – the premium engineering and tool steel

Many production environments today face pressure to produce better and faster in order to stay competitive. Toolox® rises to these challenges by providing a modern engineering and tool steel of unmatched hardness and toughness.

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Toolox, a Swedish steel developed for world-class performance

”Once Toolox®, always Toolox®”. It’s our way of summarizing the performance of this premium engineering and tool steel. Toolox® outperforms a wide range of conventional steels for machining and tooling. Toolox® is developed to save time when manufacturing all kinds of high-quality steel components, as well as ensuring that the final products deliver maximum performance, productivity and service life.

One steel – two winners

Man holding a part made in engineering and tool steel

When you make it

Toolox® makes workshops winners in terms of short lead times and high precision of the final machine parts, molds, dies and other steel components.

Toolox user holding a binder

When you use it

Toolox® makes end users winners since their machine components and tools work harder and last longer.

”To me “Once Toolox®, always Toolox®” is a good description of the material. If you have an application where Toolox® is the solution for today, it will be also the solution tomorrow, because you can trust the Toolox® quality and metallurgy.”

Peter Recknagel, Gebrüder Recknagel Präzisionsstahl GmbH

”We switched from 1.2379 steel with 56 HRC to Toolox® 44. Instead of cracking after 5,000 pieces the work piece in Toolox® 44 shows no wear after more than 40,000 pieces.”

Ulus Metal, Istanbul


Applications where Toolox® saves time and improves performance

A machined steel part in Toolox

Machine parts

Whatever high-performing machine parts you are manufacturing, Toolox® will meet your demands on machinability, predictability and short lead times. The examples will give you a good overview on applications that benefit from using Toolox®.

Steel die for casting a brass component

Molds and dies

Toolox® 33 and Toolox® 44 are used in a variety of mold and die applications. Toolox® covers everything from intricate plastic injection molds to cold stamping, cutting and hot casting and forging.

Advancing manufacturing with high-performance tool steel

Discover the fundamentals of tool steel and its various uses for cutting, machning, molding, stamping and forging in both cold and hot conditions. Gain insight into how tool steel works and the different types of tool steels available. 

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Learn more about Toolox® tool and engineering steel

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Hardness and toughness

Toolox® is a prehardened engineering and tool steel that is hard to the core and tough at the same time.

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Fatigue resistance

The high fatigue resistance of components made of Toolox® increases the reliability and service life of all kinds of machines.

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The homogenous structure and low carbide content give Toolox® excellent machinability with fast cutting speeds and long insert life.

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Surface treatment

Toolox® is well suited for all kinds of surface treatments that increase the material’s hardness and fatigue resistance even further.

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Heat resistance

Toolox® can work continuously at temperatures as high as 590°C and still keep its original hardness when cooled.

welding and cutting icon

Welding and cutting

The low level of alloys in the Toolox® grades makes for predictable welding and thermal cutting with all conventional methods.

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Production efficiency

The faster the better, and Toolox® speeds up production with days and even weeks thanks to its prehardened properties.

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Longer lifetime

The proof is in the real-life performance, and Toolox® has demonstrated its longevity and reliability in multiple challenging applications.

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Every plate and round bar of Toolox® is tested to ensure the material’s consistency. The dimensions and properties you expect is what you get, every time.