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We specialize in providing laser-welded, wide, thin steel sheets, up to 4m x 20m, typically in Hardox® wear plate, with thicknesses of 1-6mm. These thin, wide, yet strong and durable Hardox® sheets have a variety of uses, including as floors and sidewalls for tippers, dump trucks, and refuse trucks. We can also cut and bend these wide Hardox® sheets — and ship them anywhere in the world. We supply additional, custom steel processing services for our customers, including cutting, bending, drilling, and machining of Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® performance steel, and Domex® structural steel, forming them into parts and kits, ready for assembly.

Thin, wide Hardox® sheets

Our laser welding systems can join different steel grades and different thicknesses, enabling lightweighting designs such as tipper sidewalls that are 4mm thick along their bottom half and 3mm thick along their top half. In addition to the 5m x 12m longitudinal welding machine, we have a 4m x 20m process for the transverse welding for extremely long sheets. Our laser-welding processes produce extremely narrow weld seams with low thermal distortion, making our wide, thin Hardox® sheets exceptionally flat and uniform.


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Additional Steel Processing

On top of our thin wide sheets, we offer an impressive array of steel processing capabilities for making parts and kits from SSAB steels – mainly Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® performance and Domex® structural steels. Processing includes shot blasting, flame, plasma and laser cutting, bending, drilling and machining. In additional to expert steel processing, SSAB Services Maastricht handles the logistics – from the ordering at the mill, to tracking and receiving steel deliveries, steel processing, and then forwarding the finished parts and kits per your delivery specifications.


Industries & Solutions

We help industrial OEMs upgrade their existing product lines and develop all-new, lighter weight, more sustainable products. Some of the industries we supply steel parts and kits to include heavy transport and material handling.

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Product Development and Engineering

SSAB Services Maastricht works closely with SSAB Product Development and Engineering (PDE) to help OEMs bring new designs to market fast – as quick as 6 weeks from sketch to fully engineered and documented production and assembly drawings. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing design or bring a brand-new, industry-first solution to market, we can help with all levels of technical support.

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We guarantee quality in every step of our production, from our steel products and processing of parts to logistics and deliverance. Living up to high quality expectations is the foundation we base our business on.

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Our target is zero accidents, work-related injuries or illnesses. Everyone has the right to a sound working environment. A safer environment also makes us a more reliable partner to you. No accidents mean less risk of interruption in the production as well in distribution. Zero accidents is beneficial for everyone. SSAB wants to be the world’s safest steel company.



Since August 2021 SSAB delivers the world´s first fossil-free steel. The goal is to become the first fossil-free steel company in the world by 2045. Already today the environment benefits from SSAB’s steel products. The manufacturing fulfills high environmental demands. SSAB’s advanced high strength steel’s are for example used to make lighter vehicles, stronger tippers, containers and railroad wagons, for higher payload and a longer life span. Our steel creates a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

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In addition to premium products, we also offers a number of services to facilitate your product development. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


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