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A collaboration that can drive sustainability in ways we can only begin to imagine

Volvo Group and SSAB to collaborate on the world’s first vehicles of fossil-free steel.

Not long from now, wind turbines can be fossil free

There is more to this than meets the eye. Wind power is fossil free, but wind turbines are made of steel. For every tonne of steel produced in the world, almost two tonnes of CO2 are emitted as well. One or two wind turbine might not make much of a difference. But think of all the wind turbines across the globe. All the cars. All the trains. The good news is, this is all about to change. Together with our partners LKAB and Vattenfall, we have come up with HYBRIT, a way to produce steel without emitting CO2.

Fossil-free steel news in focus

SSAB and Faurecia to collaborate on fossil-free steel for automotive seat structures

SSAB and Faurecia to collaborate on fossil-free steel for automotive seat structures

SSAB is teaming up with Faurecia to jointly explore the development of fossil-free advanced high-strength steel for use in the automotive seating business.

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Volvo Group and SSAB to collaborate on the world’s first vehicles of fossil-free steel

Volvo Group and SSAB have signed a collaboration agreement on research, development, serial production and commercialization of the world’s first vehicles to be made of fossil-free steel.

Sep 22 2022

HYBRIT: Milestone reached – pilot facility for hydrogen storage up and running

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall's HYBRIT pilot facility for the storage of fossil-free hydrogen gas is now in operation in Luleå. The rock cavern storage facility is the first of its kind in the world for storing fossil-free hydrogen gas. The two-year test period will now start and continue until 2024, which means that HYBRIT has taken another important step in developing the overall value chain for fossil-free iron and steel production.

Sep 19 2022

SSAB’s fossil-free steel showcased by Hiab at IAA in Hanover, Germany

SSAB’s fossil-free steel is being showcased by Hiab at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 in Hanover, Germany on Sept. 20-25. The steel was made using HYBRIT technology, which eliminates virtually all CO\2\ emissions in the steelmaking process.

Jun 14 2022

HYBRIT: A unique, underground, fossil-free hydrogen gas storage facility is being inaugurated in Luleå

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall are inaugurating HYBRIT’s pilot facility for fossil-free hydrogen gas storage at Svartöberget in Luleå, Sweden. The rock cavern storage facility is the first of its kind in the world. The inauguration ceremony marks the start of the two-year test period, which will run until 2024.

SSAB aims to hit the market with the world’s first fossil-free steel in 2026

Decarbonizing the steelmaking process is non-negotiable if the industry wants to successfully transition from being one of the highest CO2 emitters to a sustainable, fossil-free actor in the global value chain. Although SSAB is already one of the world’s most CO2-efficient steel companies, their new pioneering approach to steel production is leading the way to providing quality steel with zero CO2 emissions.

Fredrik N G Andersson

Fossil-free steel ready to meet the demand for green solutions

Consumers increasingly say they want environmentally sustainable products. This puts pressure to create a sustainable fossil-free supply chain and on the entire steel making process, from mining to retailing.



Pre-feasibility study


  • Pre-feasibility study with support from Swedish Energy Agency
  • 4-year R&D project with support from Swedish Energy


A joint venture company between SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall


Feasibility study pilot plant trials

Feb 2018
Decision for pilot phase

Fossil-free pellets trial

Hydrogen-based reduction and smelting trials

Hydrogen storage


Commercial volume plant trials and transformation


  • Transformation - BF* to EAF** at SSAB Oxelösund
  • HYBRIT demo plant

SSAB fossil-free steel on market

Around 2030
Transformation – BFs to minimills with EAFs at SSAB Raahe & SSAB Luleå

* BF = Blast furnace. **EAF = Electric arc furnace

FAQs: the big questions answered

Fossil-free fuel is on the way! In 2026, SSAB aims to launch its pioneering fossil-free premium grade steel – revolutionizing the industry by implementing a steelmaking process that does not create fossil-fuel CO2 emissions.

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Question 1.
What is SSAB’s main objective for developing fossil-free steel?

The steel industry is currently one of the highest CO2 emitters, accounting for 7% of all emissions globally. While SSAB is already one of the world’s most CO2 efficient steelmakers, we know that the industry still has a long way to go. Our objective is to lead the steel industry to a decarbonized future.

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Question 14.
Does fossil-free steel have better properties than other steels?

The quality and properties of fossil-free steel will be the same as SSABs steel of today. The properties of SSAB’s steel are created in the steelmaking, rolling and heat treatment processes, which will remain the same. The only difference in the process is that the energy used will be exclusively fossil-free electricity and other fossil-free fuels.

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Question 17.
What is the timeline for commercial deliveries?

SSAB is on target to deliver the first commercial products in 2026.

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Five reasons to choose fossil-free steel

Why choose fossil-free steel for your business when the cost price is higher than traditional steel and the bottom line might be impacted? Adding economic and environmental value to your business by investing in steel that has created zero carbon emissions during its production is just one factor; your business investment today is a commitment to improving tomorrow’s environment, for everyone.

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Building a sustainable future with fossil-free steel

The global challenge of halting and reversing current rates of climate change is urgent. The steel industry has the potential to play a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions both in the production phase and by supporting current rates of recycling.

How fossil-free steel will impact your industry

Automotive companies accelerate towards a sustainable future

Sustainable product lifecycles are key if automotive companies are to realize growth ambitions while also meeting green production targets. Fossil-free steel from SSAB can play a pivotal role in helping the automotive industry become sustainable.

SSAB’s fossil-free steel set to be a sustainability win and profit driver in the heavy transport sector

Globalization and free trade have rapidly transformed the way we live, work, and do business. Supply chains and transportation networks that criss-cross the globe have enabled great improvements in standards of living.

Our future cities need to be built in a more sustainable way. A key to this is using better construction materials, such as fossil-free steel and bio-based coatings.

There are only a few industries as closely intertwined as steel and construction. For over a century, the two sectors have developed together, and now the future of that relationship is sustainability.

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HYBRIT development

The HYBRIT initiative will contribute to reaching the global climate goals under the Paris Agreement and the national climate goals in Sweden and Finland. Our goal is to reduce Sweden’s CO2 emissions by 10% and Finland’s by 7%. We believe that by taking the lead and showing that it is possible to decarbonize the steel industry, others will follow. The potential is enormous.

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HYBRIT Development is a joint venture company of SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall. The three companies each own one third of the company, which is seeking to develop a steelmaking process that emits water instead of CO2.
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