Steel categories

Abrasion resistant steel

Abrasion-resistant steel

Need to fight abrasion and wear in heavy-duty applications? You can rely on SSAB, the expert with nearly 50 years of experience in abrasion-resistant steels. Choose from one of the world’s widest ranges of grades, thicknesses and widths – and cut lead times in your workshop, extend equipment performance and service life, and increase productivity.

Structural steel

Structural steels

The description ‘structural steel’ usually applies to a ductile cold-forming steel with yield strengths from around 350 MPa up to 1300 MPa. Steels with higher yield strengths – typically starting at around 600 MPa – are often called advanced high-strength steel (AHSS).

Metal coatings

Metal coatings for coils and sheets

Metal coated products are made for applications that must withstand various corrosive environment, wherein they extend the service life of the end product by protecting the steel from corrosion.

Color coated

Color coated coils and sheets

Nordic quality steel for harsh weather and greener living

Overlay products

Overlay products

Premium chromium carbide overlays (CCO) work hard against wear.

Tools steel

Tool steel

Tool steel is the workhorse of the industrialized world. This highly versatile steel has a relatively low carbon content, usually between 0.7% and 1.5%.

Armor steel

Armor steel

Armor steel is a high-strength low-alloyed structural steel which has been processed to give high penetration resistance and blast protection. The steel’s properties are reached by quenching and tempering to reach the desired balance between hardness and toughness.

weathering steel patina

Weathering steel

Weathering steel definition: steels that are chemically formulated to develop a protective patina layer – rust-like in appearance – that eliminates the need for paint. The dense oxide patina layer of weathered steel seals it off from the atmosphere. If a weathered steel panel is scratched, its patina will self-heal. The weathered steel is only not protected against further corrosion: it also delivers a unique finish that is an aesthetically pleasing – a warm, dark-brown, textured appearance that needs low or no maintenance.

Tubular steel

Tubular products

Looking to buy steel tubing? Look no further than our extensive range of tubular steel products for all general fabrication, structural or architectural applications, or repairs. SSAB offers its own high-quality tubes, including hollow square tubing, round tubing, trapezoidal sections, precision tubes, cold-formed open sections, and steel piles, retaining walls, safety barrier systems, water mains and more. You’ll get versatility, strong yet lighter tubes, and more cost-effective production. Contact us today!

Hollow section

Hollow sections

Whether you're building an industrial building, agricultural equipment, bridge, multistore facility, crane or other load-bearing structure, you’ll be building a strong foundation with SSAB hollow structural sections – while slashing the structure’s weight, saving on materials and costs, and innovating your designs for the future.

Open sections

Open sections

Gain impressive weight and cost savings – while building up productivity – with our wide range of cold-formed open sections with high yield-strengths up to 900 MPa.

Precision tubes

Precision tubes

Precision steel tubes from SSAB can make your products lighter, stronger, easier-to-form, more precise, and longer lasting. From appliances to furniture to tools to vehicles, SSAB offers a wide range of high-quality, high-strength, precision steel tubing with exceptional dimensional accuracy and best-in-class elongation for superior bendability.

Steel piles

Steel piles and pressure pipes

Durable foundation construction starts with high-quality materials. SSAB produces world-class steel piles, retaining walls and pressure pipes that deliver on performance and peace of mind. To us, partnering with customers means committing to prompt delivery and consulting with you during the design and execution stages as needed.