Fight Gravity with Strenx®

With Strenx® high-strength structural steel, vehicles and equipment can be both lighter and stronger, and still deliver better performance. Rise above the competition with a new approach to steel design.

Get to know Strenx® steel

Are you ready for sky-high performance?

Strenx® high-strength structural steel has extremely consistent properties, ensuring precision and efficiency in the workshop. Its high yield and tensile strength, bending performance, and impact toughness allow you to further develop and innovate your application designs, creating value for your customers and maximizing your business potential. New opportunities – made of Strenx®.

What if strong was light, and light was strong?

Products that are both lighter and stronger. An impossible equation? Not with Strenx®. With the right high-strength structural steel, vehicles and equipment can be designed and built in innovative new ways. Less steel used, with increased strength and performance. Discover Strenx® now, you will not look back.

Overcome the limitations holding you back

Industries all over the world aim to create better vehicles, equipment and tools to meet tomorrow’s demands. Whether it’s in transportation, lifting, agriculture or construction, the standards are set higher each day. With Strenx® high-strength structural steel, you can be one step ahead and overcome any challenge.

Explore the world’s widest range of high-strength 
structural steel

Strenx® has a yield strength between 600 and 1300 MPa and comes in thicknesses between 0.7 and 160 mm. All the grades and dimensions are covered by Strenx® guarantees for thickness, flatness and bending properties. The steel’s consistency is a result of expertly controlled chemical and mechanical properties.

Strenx® in lifting

Expect enhanced reach, increased lifting capacity and greater operational efficiency with every hoist and maneuver. Strenx® steel rises to the complex challenges faced by the lifting industry.

Strenx® in agriculture

Reap the rewards of agriculture equipment with high load capacity and low weight – with a direct, positive impact on time, workload and your bottom line. Lower equipment weight also minimizes soil compacting.

Strenx® in transport

Look forward to increased payload and improved fuel efficiency for every loaded ton, unit or passenger. Strenx® steel can meet the productivity and sustainability challenges facing the transport industry.

Meet the gravity fighters

My Inner Strenx®. A sign of excellent performance

When you spot the My Inner Strenx® sign on trailer chassis, cranes, aerial work platforms or any other equipment, you know it’s from a manufacturer who is committed to innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and outstanding performance. Only products that are certified according to strict specifications are allowed to carry this sign.

Strenx® Certified Fabricators. Bring out the full potential

Strenx® Certified Fabricators know how to process Strenx® high-strength steel for your high-performing equipment in transport, lifting, agriculture and other advanced load-bearing applications. They're your trusted partner in manufacturing, delivering the right Strenx® steel parts when you need them.

How can Strenx® help you fight gravity?

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1. Stronger and lighter – no longer an impossible combination

Strenx® steel lets you build lighter structures without losing strength thanks to its high yield strength and toughness. This means you can use thinner, more durable materials that cut down on weight. Its great weldability and formability open up flexible design options while keeping everything strong. As a result, using Strenx boosts performance and fuel efficiency, for example in transport, agriculture and heavy machinery.

2. High-strength structural steel vs. mild steel – the obvious choice

High-strength steel outperforms mild construction steel by offering greater strength and durability with less material. This produces to lighter, more efficient structures without sacrificing safety. Equipment also becomes more resistant to wear and tear, which means longer-lasting constructions. Additionally, high-strength steel's better performance in extreme conditions makes it ideal for demanding applications.

3. Boost profit. Cut down on costs

Strenx® steel cuts costs by enabling lighter, stronger constructions that use less material. This reduction in weight leads to lower transportation and handling expenses. Additionally, its durability means less maintenance and longer-lasting structures. Overall, using Strenx® boosts profitability by improving efficiency and reducing long-term operational costs.

4. Access thought-leading expertise and support

SSAB provides extensive technical support and expertise to help you maximize the potential of Strenx®. Our support teams assist with material selection, design optimization, and processing techniques. This guidance ensures you achieve the best performance and efficiency in your projects. With SSAB's support, you can confidently tackle complex engineering challenges.

5. Consistent workshop properties. No unwanted surprises

Strenx® offers consistent workshop properties, ensuring reliable performance in manufacturing processes. Its uniform mechanical properties simplify fabrication, including cutting, bending, and welding. This minimizes material waste and production errors, resulting in cost savings and faster project completion. With Strenx®, you can trust in consistent quality and effortless processing, making it the go-to choice for efficiency.

6. The world’s widest range of high-strength structural steel

Strenx® offers a product range from 600 to 1300 MPa. This caters to diverse needs across industries, from lightweight structures to heavy-duty machinery. Available as hot-rolled plates, coils, sheets, cold-rolled sheets and coils, as well as sections and tubes, Strenx® ensures compatibility with various fabrication methods. With thickness options spanning from 0.7 to 160 mm, Strenx® provides unparalleled versatility in design and application, empowering you to meet your project requirements with confidence.

Beyond steel. Adding value with Strenx®

Predictable performance

Strengthen your business with products made from genuine high-performance steel with measured, guaranteed properties. At SSAB, we work relentlessly to improve production processes.

Superior properties

Strenx® steel has extremely consistent properties, ensuring precision and efficiency in the workshop. Yield and tensile strength, bending performance and impact toughness are carefully tested to ensure consistency in every delivery.

Technical support

As a user of Strenx® structural steel you get full access to our support resources, including SSAB Tech Support for technical questions and SSAB Knowledge Service Center for application and production development.

Strenx® success stories

Thousands of businesses all over the world have discovered Strenx® high-strength structural steel, and the difference it can make in their applications. Learn more about how Strenx® has created direct positive impact for different industries.