SSAB Laser® – Maximize your output with steel optimized for laser cutting

SSAB Laser® steel is an advanced structural and cold-forming steel for efficient laser cutting — it will improve your laser cutting yields, speeds, and product quality. SSAB Laser® grades come with guaranteed flatness, both before and after laser cutting.

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Take advantage of SSAB Laser® steel in your production

SSAB Laser guaranteed flatness after cutting

Guaranteed flatness of ≤ 3mm/m, even after cutting

SSAB Laser® steel comes with guaranteed maximum flatness deviation of 3.0 mm/m, both before and after laser cutting. SSAB’s comprehensive process control during its production results in total flat and uniform steel sheets and plates.

Advantages include:

  • Making your automated production trouble-free
  • Tight nesting for better material utilization
  • Reduced need for re-leveling
  • Increased dimensional precision of laser-cut components
  • Increased yields (i.e., greatly reduced scrap)
  • Faster cutting speeds
SSAB Laser outstanding cold forming properties

Superior cold-forming properties

SSAB Laser® steel offers extremely tight bending radiuses in both directions. And SSAB Laser® Plus grades are available with bending radiuses as low as 0 x thickness. Consistent mechanical properties and narrow tolerances for all SSAB Laser® steels guarantee predictable performance with high repeatability for your cold-forming operations.


Advantages include:

  • More efficient nesting independent of rolling direction
  • Greater freedom in component geometry
  • Crack-free bending and trouble-free automated forming
  • Increased yield-to-scrap ratios
  • Achieve complex shapes without welding
SSAB Laser optimized surface and high quality cut edges

Optimized surface and high quality cut edges

SSAB Laser® steel has an optimized surface quality for laser cutting. This allows to maintain the cutting parameters from batch to batch without compromising cut edge quality or precision – even with plates that are 30 mm thick.


Advantages include:

  • Trouble-free laser cutting
  • Minimized disturbances during production
  • Shorter production times
  • Less rework
  • Higher quality laser-cut components

steel plates

Consistent steel quality for automated production

SSAB Laser® steels have highly optimized and consistent chemical compositions for trouble-free automated forming even for the most challenging requirements.

  • Superior steel cleanliness
  • Optimized and consistent chemistry
  • Uniformly narrow tolerances for high dimensional accuracy
  • Properties always exceeding EN standards
  • Enhanced impact toughness at low temperatures, down to -60° C
  • Optimized surface quality for laser cutting
  • Predictable and repetitive performance during cold-forming operations
  • Excellent welding properties

SSAB Laser® steel sets a new standard for performance in automated laser cutting processes

The flatness and cold-forming properties of SSAB Laser® steel set a new standard for performance in automated processes. Total process control at the mill results in a total flat material. SSAB Laser® grades fulfill your most challenging requirements for fast and trouble-free cutting, providing shorter production time, less need for rework, and more precise laser-cut structural steel components.


Cut the scrap — increase yields up to 30%

Thanks to SSAB Laser® steel’s flatness, optimized surface and high quality cut edges, cutting paths can be shared — and small diameter holes and narrow slots can be cut with great precision. You can achieve up to 30% higher yields, increasing the profitability of your laser-cutting production. 

Wide product range and fast deliveries for your needs

SSAB Laser® steels are available as hot-rolled plate, hot-rolled sheet, and cold-rolled sheet from local stocks or from the mill. In many countries our SSAB Laser® Certified Partners guarantee availability and fast deliveries.


Service offer

SSAB can offer laser cutting services from our own centers globally and in addition we have a service partner network that can be utilized.