Industries served by SSAB Steel Service Center Santiago

SSAB Steel Service Center Santiago has extensive experience designing and retrofitting abrasive wear solutions for numerous industries. Here are a few examples.

Mining industry


Mineral mining is a major part of our business. We make abrasion- and impact-resistant solutions for both the extraction and processing of minerals – from dozer blades and excavator buckets to crusher plates and trommel screen liners.

Concrete industry


We can extend the service life of abrasion-prone equipment used cement/concrete plants by fabricating longer-lasting, wear-resistant crusher teeth and hammers, as well as liners for crushers, elevators, mixers, and extractor fans. Extremely abrasive applications – such as concrete drum mixer paddles – can be further protected by Duroxite® overlays.

Earthmoving industry


Earthmoving attachments – buckets, blades, ripper shanks, etc. – can all be made stronger, lighter, and more abrasion resistant by retrofitting/redesigning the original equipment with the appropriate Hardox® wear plates.

Transportation industry


We are experts in lightweighting suspended loads, using Strenx® performance structural steels to reduce weights/increase capacities for a variety of industrial vehicles – from tension bars for massive crawler cranes to lighter weight subframes for heavy-duty transports, such as concrete mixers.

Forestry industry


We fabricate Hardox® wear plates into strong, impact-resistant designs for the cutting and processing trees, wood, bark, and wood chips, while using Strenx® structural steel to make your tree/timber handling equipment both lighter and stronger.

Recycling industry


Fragmenting products that weren’t meant to be fragmented (e.g., cement, glass, rubber) places tremendous demands on recycling equipment. From shredder teeth and cutting knives to crushers screens and slag chutes, you can extend the service life of your recycling plant’s components through our expert application of Hardox® wear plates and Duroxite® overlay hardfacing.