Steel processing capabilities

SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan has the heavy-duty steel processing equipment – and expertise – necessary for advanced cutting, bending, machining, and welding of your parts and assemblies made from Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® structural steel, and other SSAB steel grades.


Waterjet cutting

Abrasive water jet cutting

Up to 3 x 6 meters with 3D cutting head.

For parts requiring maximum wear performance, we use abrasive water jet cutting to maintain the hardness throughout the whole part without creating heat-affected zones. The 3D-cutting head can cut advanced geometries in one sequence, eliminating further processing steps, such as weld-beveling or machined countersinks. The resulting smooth, scale-free cut edges eliminate the need for oxide removal, providing a part ready to be welded or assembled.

Oxygen cutting

Oxygen cutting

Water table 18 x 4 meters.

Precisely controlled CNC oxy-fuel cutting for heavy plate – up to 200 mm thick – integrated with our computer-controlled pre-heating furnace. Post-cutting, we do ultra-sonic testing of parts to ensure high parts quality.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

Water table 18 x 4 meters.

High-definition underwater plasma cutting provides excellent cut quality with good dimensional tolerances. It is the most common method for cutting plate up to 50 mm thick. Cutting parts under water offers great control of heat-affected zones, maximizing the plate’s performance in wear applications.



1400-ton press brake, up to 12 m wide

Forming long parts with one of the largest press brakes in the Kunshan area is one of our specialties. The power, rigidity, and control of our press brake – together with our skilled operators – makes SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan a reliable OEM source for large, bent steel parts.

Machining, drilling and welding



WEDM: 380 x 420 mm and 800 x 1200 mm tables

Parts requiring precision dimensional tolerances benefit greatly from being machined on one of our wire electrical discharge machines (WEDM). With tolerances down to +/- 0.02 mm, our wire EDMs can easily machine precision parts that do not require any further processing to achieve their final dimensions. The process is also considered to be a cold cutting method, which is good for all pre-hardened steels because there is no loss of hardness after cutting. Our machines are specifically built to handle the high-end grades of Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering steel, providing excellent surface quality after cutting. 

Radial drill

CNC milling

1.1 x 0.6 m working table

To precisely mill parts in Hardox® wear plate requires a rigid machine and the right tooling. Our 3-axis CNC milling machine is specifically configured to take on SSAB’s toughest steels, machining them into highly precise parts. Our 3-axis CNC mill is also commonly used to make complex machined components made from Strenx® structural steel and Toolox® and engineering steel.

CNC milling

Big milling

6 x 2 m working table

Producing large machined parts to very tight tolerances is no problem for our big milling machine. Capable of doing any type of machining, our flexible big machine mills either plates or welded assemblies, creating large machined parts.


Welding – MIG, MAG and TIG

Plate welding up to 10 meters 

With our welding processes, we can further transform a part into a larger welded structure – providing a complete assembly. SSAB welding experts, working closely with our skilled operators, can develop welding procedures specific to your parts or assemblies. Pre-heating, post-heating, and ultrasonic testing are methods we use every day to ensure our quality. Plate not wide enough? We have extensive experience welding plates together, to the highest requirements, to meet your large plate needs.

Assistance, answers and advice

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