Trapezoidal sections

A highly effective way to brace steel plate structures

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Using trapezoidal sections in superstructure bridge design, especially in the orthotropic deck, improves overall bridge economy by enabling structures to be optimized.

Benefits of using trapezoidal sections:

  • Long lengths without welding joints
  • Good accuracy in cross-sectional dimensions and straightness
  • Easy surface treatment, lower costs


  • Road bridges
  • Railway bridges
  • Light-traffic bridges
trapezoidal sections


Production range

  • Wall thicknesses 4-10 mm, typical 6-8 mm
  • Main dimensions
    • max strip width 820 mm
    • inner corner radius R25 or R15
    • max height 300 mm
  • Lengths from production:
    • roll forming doesn’t limit the length of the profile
    • typical length 10-13,5 m
    • max. length 21 m without welded splice

Steel grades

Standard steel grade S355J2C+N acc. to EN10025-2

Other steel grades according to standards:

  • EN 10025-3, normalised rolled weldable fine grain structural steels
  • EN 10025-4, thermomechanically rolled weldable fine grain structural steels
  • EN 10025-5 Structural steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance
  • EN 10149-2, thermomechanically rolled high yield strength steels for cold forming

Other steel grades on request

Order & delivery

To order trapezoidal sections, please contact our sales. Trapezoidal sections are customised for each application and they are manufactured to the desired length.

SSAB applies the General Conditions, ALBIF 2000, for deliveries with the addition that the parties will comply with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements and refrain from participating in any corrupt business practices.

The technical terms of delivery for cold-rolled sections manufactured by SSAB are in accordance with the EN 10162 when applicable. Technical delivery conditions can also be agreed case by case.

Trapezoidal sections are delivered with bundle tags to enable full traceability.

Type 3.1 material certificate will be provided according to the standard EN 10204, Type 3.2 is available on request. DB certificate according to BN 918002-02 is available on request.


Environmental responsibility and sustainability

SSAB develops new products and services in order to improve our customers’ performance in sustainability and overall efficiency.

Life cycle assessment data for SSAB’s products are available in the form of Environmental product declarations (EPDs). Manufacturing chain from raw material to finished product is carefully managed.

SSAB has introduced CE marking for infrastructure products. Declarations of Performance (DoP) indicate the technical characteristics of CE-marked products.


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