A bucket made of Duroxite overlay plate
A bucket made of Duroxite overlay plate

Duroxite® overlays for extreme durability

Duroxite® overlay products are designed for your most extreme wear situations with abrasion, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear. Duroxite® fights wear for a long time thanks to its unique guaranteed wear properties down to 75% of the overlay thickness.

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Wear protection the Duroxite® way

Duroxite® overlay products can add weeks, months, even years of troublefree operations to your most extreme wear situations. The outstanding performance of Duroxite® is the result of hardfacing a metal by welding different types of chromium or complex carbides on top of the base material. By carefully composing the hardfacing material, each Duroxite® product is optimized for different wear situations and abrasive materials.

Duroxite® plate

Duroxite® empowers your industry

Cement chutes in Duroxite®


Duroxite® adds service life to a tough industry with a lot of wear-affected production steps.

Duroxite® in mining, quarries and hot sands

Oil Sands, Quarry & Mining

Severely abrasive materials are common when extracting and processing ore, rocks and sand.
Duroxite® in steel mills

Steel mills

Duroxite® overlays can take the hot and abrasive operating conditions in steel mills.
Duroxite® product program

Find your Duroxite® overlay

The ultimate Duroxite® product for your application depends on the material, whether it’s rock, sand, gravel or any other abrasive material striking or sliding along the surface of your wear part. It also depends on the angle and speed of impact as well as the operating temperature.

Find the right overlay product to boost the performance and productivity of your equipment and parts.

Duroxite® fights wear, guaranteed

Duroxite® overlay products come with guarantees that are unique for the overlay market. When you for example order 6 mm overlay on a 6 mm baseplate, you know that this is what you get within ±10%. This is consistent throughout the plate and from plate to plate. 

The wear properties are also guaranteed down to 75% of the hardfacing layer’s thickness as opposed to just the surface of the layer. The remaining 25% is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the baseplate.

Duroxite® wear properties are guaranteed down to 75% of the hardfacing layer’s thickness as opposed to just the surface of the layer.
Hardox® wear plate as a baseplate is available in Duroxite® 101 and Duroxite® 201.

Duroxite® with a harder baseplate

Duroxite® 101 and Duroxite® 201 overlay plates have Hardox® 450 as baseplate. This gives a higher performing plate compared to using a mild steel baseplate in a case where the abrasive material reaches down to the baseplate. The strength and toughness of a harder baseplate also makes the overlay plate stronger and more resistant to deformation.

Duroxite® in fabrication

Duroxite® is designed to be hard without giving you a hard time in the workshop. No special equipment is needed to install Duroxite®. Welding, bolting and stud welding are the common methods for installing Duroxite® wear parts or overlay plate on your equipment. For more information on installation, see Duroxite® brochure.

One of the key benefits of Duroxite® is the excellent formability due to a staggered cracking pattern on the overlay surface. This simplifies bending of the plate and ensures a smooth flow of the processed materials.

Welding, bolting and stud welding are the common methods for installing Duroxite® wear parts or overlay plate on your equipment

Proven performance

Duroxite® is the natural choice for industries such as quarrying, mining, cement, concrete, energy, steel mills, recycling and many other areas where abrasive materials require extremely hard surfaces.

Mining quarry


Open pit copper mining

Application: Electric shovel

Wear part: Liner package with Duroxite® plate for the most abrasive area

Purpose: Increase payload and service life

Type of wear: Sliding wear and some impact

Benefit: Service life increased by 56% with Duroxite® liner compared to AR 600 liners


8 times longer service life in steel mill

Application: Conveyor at foundry

Wear part: Conveyor liner plate

Benefit: Changing from cast Mn liner with tungsten carbide to Duroxite® 300 welded on Hardox® 600 increased service life from 3 months to 2 years

Conveyor liner plate
Shell liner


Increased service life of shell liners in vertical mill

Application: Vertical mill

Wear part: Shell liner

Benefit: Several years’ service life with Duroxite® 100 4 mm on 6 mm when changing from 550 HBW material with 8 months service life

Meet the expert: Duroxite® in applications

Duroxite®, the latest in overlay solutions